Friday, July 09, 2010

LeBron Bron.

Last night millions of people tuned in to watch some mega egotistical narcissist announce; “I’m going to take my talents to South Beach.’’

You bringing that enormous ego too?

You know, if you think about it, the Cavaliers owner, who went absolutely berserk in the wake of LeBron James’s ‘decision’ to sneak off to Miami, has several very valid points. If you watched the Cleveland Boston series a couple of months ago, it certainly did seem that LeBron did not give his absolutely 100% best. He certainly did not pull a Jordan and throw the team on his back and waltz past the Celtics. Instead he submitted a couple of half assed performances, seemingly biding his time until ESPN validated his outrageous narcissism in a live TV event uglier than no other.

Seriously though, Miami? As Boston knocked Miami out of the playoffs earlier this summer, it was shocking to see a half empty Heat stadium. Not exactly the most dedicated fans in the NBA. Naturally, they will sell out every game this coming season. How do you spell ‘Frontrunners’?

The anger in Cleveland isn’t reserved for just the NBA front office, the general populace is justifiably up in arms. This from a good friend of mine, a Cleveland native;

I was more upset when Albert Belle left. LeDouche gave up in big games. Boston got better, Orlando is still there and you still have to beat Lakers. Never warmed to LeDouche. Don't respect a guy who refuses to shake hands after a game. This is the reality tv world his generation lives in. Did not have to crap on Cleveland on national TV. Great example set for the boys and girls club in attendance. Has anyone been commenting on that? When the Pistons beat Jordan three times he stayed around to beat them. LeDouche will be remembered for taking easy way out. I don't blame LeDouche for leaving. Just the way he did it.

Strong words, softly spoken.

The funny thing about the NBA is, the reliance on one, or in this case two, super stars (Bosh is not a superstar, sorry Miami) is unusual and risky. What happens if LeBron or Wade injures themselves? Miami would be left with the guys they paid the bare minimum in order to make way for the mega bucks they dished out for the super stars.

I wonder what the insurance on LeBron, Wade and to a lesser extent Bosh is?

The bizarre aspects of this wacky side show are the knock on effects. I found myself thinking this morning, I would actually root for the Lakers against Miami in the finals, if my beloved Celtics failed to knock the ‘Huge three’ out. Frequent readers of Boston Irish will know, we are not fans of Kobe and his ugly, sneering act. On top of that, I would count myself a big Dwayne Wade fan. Yet, the manner in which LeBron has turned his back on his home town, a place where he has preached loyalty for the last seven years, is so ugly and contrived, that I would actually root for the Lakers against the Heat in the NBA finals.

When all is said and done, LeBron will undoubtedly hide behind the mantra ‘Just here to win a Championship’ but what he actually means is ‘Just moved to basically print money at my own discretion’. LeBron had everything he needed in Cleveland, an adoring fan base, a front office that was tripping over itself to make him happy and to surround him with as much talent as they could afford and the extra cherry on top that he was doing it all in his home town.

Look at Paul Pierce, who recently signed a team friendly new deal, giving the Celtics room to sign some other good players. Admittedly, Pierce is coming to the end of a very special NBA career, but when all is said and done, he will be able to say he played for one team, and one team only. He brought an NBA title and a lot of joy to a basketball loving city. When all is said and done, when Pierce retires, he will become a legend in Boston. He will forever be part of the City, and the City will forever love him.

LeBron? Is it physically safe for LeBron to even be in Cleveland right now?

Imagine how special it would have been had LeBron brought a title to Cleveland? As a home town boy? Instead he is just another ringer, basically a contract-killer brought in to a soulless franchise that couldn’t even sell half the tickets to its home playoff games this season past. Aint nothin’ special about that, no sir.

Thankfully, for every LeBron in the world, there is a Darnell McDonald

Let’s finish with the Sports Guy, who sums it all up beautifully with;

What a week for LeBron's brand. I just hope he remembers to wipe the blood off the knife after he pulls it from Cleveland's back.

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