Thursday, July 22, 2010

Oh Wayne, Wayne, Wayne, what now?

So, first things first, what is it about Nike and bad boy athletes?!

Wayne Rooney smoking?! huh?!

On to the juicy bits and first things first a massive disclaimer: I am no fan of Wayne Rooney. I hate Manchester United, passionately. My brother, Father and I send text messages dripping in acidic schadenfruede any time United lose to, well, anyone basically. We love it, can’t get enough of it. Rooney’s abysmal World Cup? The stuff of legend in my household and with my family.

However, this morning as Wayne Rooney is dragged back and forth over the coals with allegations he has been seeing a prostitute, I smell a rat. A particularly aromatic one.

Several papers are reporting this morning that Rooney spent several months in 2009 basically dating a prostitute. You will notice the classier papers (notably the Guardian) is being very careful about what they say, whilst the gutter press is exploding like an Atom Bomb with the expected, sordid and ugly headlines.

The Sunday Mirror screams;

Wayne Rooney paid for secret hotel sex sessions with a £1,000-a-night prostitute while his wife Coleen was pregnant with their son, the Sunday Mirror can sensationally reveal.
You can sensationally reveal? That’s because you paid her for her 'tell all'. It’s not like there was any Watergate like journalistic endeavors going on here. Essentially what we have is a newspaper handing cash over to a young woman to give them a 'kiss and tell'. If the Mirror wants to hand over a couple of hundred thousand sterling to me, I would be more than happy to spew forth some turgid bile for them to gleefully print on their back pages, in bold/caps.

A few weeks ago on one of the Internets seedier sports sites, there was a potentially sensational exposé that since has turned into a clearly completely fabricated pile of rubbish. Yet, the people involved chose to run with the story despite the fact there was a complete absence of evidence.

This time we are seeing an athlete taken down, with no evidence bar the word of a woman who accepts cash for sex, in one of the UK's largest Sunday papers.

When reading the turgid mess that the Mirror is trying to pass off as a news worthy story, one feature that jumps out is the Mirror’s attempts to paint the tell-all prostitute as some kind of ‘Rose of England’, warm hearted, buxom, 1840s ‘lady of the night’. How brain dead and simplistic does the Mirror think its readership is? Wait, actually, don’t answer that.

They describe her as ‘Well-spoken Jennifer’ (what does it matter how poorly or well spoken she is, she takes cash from men for sex) and goes on to describe her as “She’s a well-to-do young woman and has had a good ¬education. You’ve only got to look at her to see why Wayne liked her so much.’’

How many times do they have to hammer it home that she is well spoken, and well to do? The Mirror’s writing style? Best described as ‘Carpet Bombing’.

They continue to try and further humanize the poor prostitute, as such; ‘’He suddenly stopped calling Jennifer in October, although she has seen him out in bars and clubs in Manchester since. When that happens, she makes sure she stays well away from him to avoid any awkwardness.”
Well gosh; she is certainly going out of her way to avoid ‘awkwardness’ now, isn’t she?

Of course, much of the joke is going to end up on her;
‘’In the past, she’s told friends that she would love to be a real WAG. She knows that it all coming out will devastate Wayne.’’
If she thinks any intelligent footballer is going to go anywhere near her after this mess, she has another thing coming. Wait, did I just say ‘intelligent footballer’? My bad. The joke will though, end up on her, once the Mirror is done with her, once the talk show appearances dry up, at the end of the day all she will be is ‘that girl’ that took money from Wayne Rooney for sex.

Any body remember the name of that woman who was allegedly texting David Beckham behind Posh Spice’s back? Without googling!!

Let’s make one thing completely clear here, this ‘news story’ is not the result of some kind of deep-cover, intelligent and well thought out journalistic reporting. The Mirror handed over wads of cash, probably hundreds of thousands of pounds sterling, to this woman to spill the beans on their illicit encounters.

We will never know the truth behind the story, as the Mirror and its friends will exaggerate every single sordid detail in order to sell enough papers to recoup the money they paid out to get the story in the first place.

As this mess develops further, as you sling your rotten tomatoes at the sure to be stockaded Rooney, just remember the ugly, greedy part the Mirror and the woman involved had to play. Who should be the target of the bulk of society’s ire? The poorly educated (soccer players invariably completely skip secondary school), working class Rooney, surrounded by ‘Yes’ men (and women!) and isolated from real issues and the necessity to make decisions all his life, or the paper that paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to enable the completely unsubstantiated story of a woman who has sex for money?

Even if the allegations are true, yes, Rooney was an idiot, and clearly has a real problem making good decisions in his personal life, however what about those vultures who are gleefully profiting financially from his demise? We are all cool with their behaviour? Really?

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