Tuesday, July 20, 2010

That slimy, dirty, greasy feeling..

Interesting poll from Harris Interactive being thrown around the major sports web sites this evening. Basically it is supposed to reflect the 'favorite American sports star.'

According to 2,227 adults the following individuals are the top two favorite American sports star

Favorite American sports star 1
One of the greatest slime balls of all time, an egotistical monster who cheated on his wife and children with approximately 13 women over the course of a couple of years. His arrogance led him to believe he would never get caught, until the weight of his transgressions eventually brought his house down. If you are ever in any doubt about this individual, if you think he is getting a tough time from the media, unfairly perhaps, just check out this brilliant independent documentary on him. He is a narcissist on Michael Jackson levels.

Favorite American sports star 1 (tied)
This guy forced himself on a woman, and then paid her off in civil court (do you pay someone off if you are innocent?) and then, to rub it all in, came up with this as his written apology, possibly the single worst apology in the history of the universe; "Although I truly believe this encounter between us was consensual, I recognize now that she did not and does not view this incident the same way I did."

In case you haven't guessed as yet, ladies and gentlemen, the favorite American sports stars, Tiger Woods and Kobe Bryant! Yes! Great! Let's all feel good about that.

You know, we all make mistakes, we all regret actions, and this piece may come across as sanctimonious in tone, which is definitely not the intention. It's just the sheer, nuclear level of their arrogance. Tiger Woods using his deceased father in a completely bizarre Nike ad, post drama? Kobe's sneering, ugly, arrogant 'apology'. Nice work guys. Superb role models! These two slime balls do not deserve to be top of a list of a global phenomenon, the sharing and enjoyment of sports, particularly when they are 'leading' the field on which so many children's hopes and dreams hang.

Whatever about those two people, and the lives they live, what does this say about us, the sports fans who deify these two clowns? What does it say about a society that has actively placed these two at the top of a poll as the favorite sports stars?

Think about it too much, and you just end up with that slimy, dirty, greasy feeling.

Interestingly enough, the rest of the list is chock full of stand up individuals, who by all accounts are not only superb athletes, and winners to boot, but also incredibly hard workers for their communities and charities. Jeter, Manning, Brady and Brees, four stars who can all be commended for their work in terms of children and the community, and they are all champions too.

Drew Brees

Even LeBron, he of the curiously bad decision making lately, is frequently lauded for his work with the children of Ohio and other charity groups.

Those top two though, they stick on your pallet like bad sea food.

As a segue, check out the poll section dealing with the favorite sports star for the group known as Generation X, those 34 to 45 in age. None other than Brett Favre. No, seriously. Check it out. How funky is that?


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