25/1, what the what?

Now first things first, this is all about value, this is not a prediction! Today, at this very moment, the Boston Red Sox are available to win the World Series at 25/1. That’s right, 25/1. Boston is currently just three games out in the Wild Card standings, and still within touching distance of the Yankees at the top of the AL East. The realistic target is of course the Wild Card. My feeling is the bookmakers have not adjusted for the fact that Tampa are struggling a little and facing some serious injury issues, while the Sox are about to get seriously healthy in a hurry. Pedroia is coming back. Big Victor Martinez is starting to slam the ball with authority. The pitching is healthy and lining up nicely.

Say Boston overtakes a seriously ailing Tampa side for the Wild Card. They go into the playoffs with a short rotation of any three from Beckett, Lester, Bucholz and Lackey, with the extra guy going to the bullpen. You think any team wants a piece of that?

Once again, this is not a prediction, there are plenty of banana skins out there, and a brick wall in the form of the Kajillion dollar Yankees, however 25/1 for a squad as good as the Boston Red Sox have, that’s just crazy.

Value, value, value. It’s all about value. And that’s value!