Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Meet your 2010 Tusken Raiders

In the words of the immortal Pete Carroll, I am both pumped and psyched about The Tusken Raiders, my 2010 Fantasy NFL team. Myself and nine good friends from Baseball Ireland are about to embark on our fifth season running, playing the game against each other. This is far and away the best team I have been lucky enough to assemble.

Where to start? Running backs? How about these four gentlemen. Chris Johnson, Beanie Wells, Ryan Grant and Justin Forsett. Forsett is my back up plan should any of the other three get hurt or suffer a dip in form. Pretty psyched to have Johnson, but also very excited about Beanie Wells. You can’t beat seeing the action with your naked eye, and Beanie not only has an absolutely awesome name, he looked superb in the latter stages of last season. Massive upswing potential.

The Tusken Raiders marquee player: Chris Johnson

The boys at the helm of this juggernaut? Only Matt Ryan and Donovan McNabb. A little context, both were very late round picks, after most of the ‘big guns’ had gone, so to get these two fine gentlemen so late was a bonus. Really excited about Ryan’s potential coming into his third year in the league. Meanwhile, you think McNabb isn’t going to be firing on all cylinders trying to show the Eagles what they are missing? He is a fine, proud athlete, and fits in nicely to the Tusken Raiders.

The great Lorcan Sherlock commented on the Tusken Raiders receivers describing them as ‘somewhat weak’, I beg to differ. Vincent Jackson, Pierre Garcon, Jacoby Jones and Julian Edelman. Jackson and Garcon are tier one guys. Both should see plenty of ‘looks’ and will be hauling in passes from Rivers and Manning respectively, not exactly a shabby crew. Jones is a very exciting prospect, plugged into that Houston attack, while Edelman is a bit of a gamble, call him 'Wes Welker insurance'.

I could not be more pumped and psyched about my two tight ends. Owen Daniels and John Carlson. Both are big, young and talented players with great hands. Daniels should see plenty of action while Carlson is a nice backup plan.

Team defence? How about the New Orleans Saints and the Green Bay Packers? Kicker? Only Robbie Gould! The accurate and clutch Bears kicker.

My opening speech to the guys before week one?
‘The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself, now go out there and play the heck out of some Fantasy Football games!’

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