One rule for the Yankees, another for everyone else..

Special privileges

Gotta love those Yankees. In last night’s testy encounter between the Yankees and the Tigers, there were a couple of bean ball incidents, including the Yankees showing their usual class by plunking Miggy Cabrera after he hit two home runs.

God bless those little Yankees. Someone has the audacity to hit two long balls off their pitching staff so they plunk him. You stay classy, New York.

The Tigers also hit a batter, and therefore the umpiring crew issued a warning, meaning that if anybody hit anybody they would be automatically ejected, along with their manager. Sure enough, Yankees reliever Chad Gaudin hit Cabrera, his first batter, in the back to start the eighth.

You know what’s coming, right? He was not ejected from the game. Jim Leyland, the Tigers skipper, went understandably nuts and he himself was ejected instead.

When incident like that happen, you have to think there appears to be a different set of rules for the Yankees.

The Yankees operate with arrogance and ignorance, and it’s a combination of both that may be their downfall. Getting involved in a bean ball war with a team that is to all intents and purposes out of the playoff race is simply idiotic. The Yankees have a lot more to lose than their opponents last night. Imagine another incident similar to last night, but this time Derek Jeter gets hit in the hand with a pitch and the Yankees 57 year old short stop’s season is over.

Can you imagine the nuclear level whining and complaining that would emanate from the Bronx if that happened?

It would not be pretty.