Thursday, August 26, 2010

Superbowl sleeper.

Looking for a sleeper, value, potential Super Bowl winner?

Let’s face it, we all are.

How about the Tennessee Titans? Fantasy isn’t everything, but one of their players (Mr. Chris Johnson) was picked first in 90% of NFL Fantasy Football drafts the last week (including by me!). Their coach, Jeff Fisher is a very accomplished gentleman and has the third most wins of any active NFL coach, lagging behind only Belichick and Shanahan, with an outside chance of passing the latter this year. You want longevity? I’ll give you longevity. He has been their coach since 1994, a feat practically unheard of in this modern age.


Vince Young was 30-2 as a starter in college and is a sterling 26-13 as the starter in the pros. Young isn’t a classic pocket passer, but he wins games. Of that there is no doubt.

30-2 and 26-13.

Let those numbers seep in for a second. Young has battled and seemingly beaten some personal demons, and looks set to weave some of his Texas Longhorn magic this coming season, with the freedoms allowed by teams keying in on the amazing Chris Johnson.

How about form? Tennessee finished 2009 on an excellent 8-2 run.

Well right now, at this very moment, you can walk into a bookie (well, those of you in the States can buy a gun, but can’t walk into a bookie, but you know what I mean) and place a considered, adult wager on the Titans at a freely available 28-1 to win the Superbowl. Let that sink in for a second. 28-1.

Hey, it’s no lock, for sure, there are no ‘sure things’ anymore in sports, just ask last years hot favourite Colts. It’s all about the value, and 28-1, that’s value!

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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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