Sports writer cat fight alert!

Sports writer cat fight alert!

It’s on! It’s so on! Gregg ‘I know more than you!’ Easterbrook had this to say about fellow ESPN sports scribe Bill ‘Sports Guy’ Simmons.

I won't clog your cell phone with thought-ettes about the weather or Snooki. TMQ needs only 18 million more Twitter followers to catch Bill Simmons.

It’s on! Sports writer cat fight alert! Come on Billy, don’t let us down. Easterbrook has laid down the challenge by taking a cheap shot at your enjoyment of Jersey Shore. Luckily for Simmons, there aren’t many easier targets than Easterbrook.

Simmons: It's so on!

Easterbrook likes to write about Black Holes and Star Trek. Both easily assailed. Also, for all his often sanctimonious output, he is quite often completely off the mark. For example, he loves to take pot-shots at New England, however this haiku was pretty inaccurate

Turning off the spy cameras turned
this team human.

The New England Pats.

But wait, didn’t they ‘turn off the cameras’ before New England’s record setting 2007/2008 season? For someone who spends thousands of words debating facts, science and presenting an image of perfection, pretty shabby analysis there!

The haikus keep coming…

Can you name any starter
except Matt Ryan?

Atlanta Falcons.

Um, Michael Turner? Roddy White? Come on Gregg, you can do better than that. Of course, any time you get a chance to make a joke about rape, you have to pull the trigger, right Gregg?

At this team's road games
the crowd will chant -- "She said no!"

The Pittsburgh Steelers.

The ammunition is right there for you Billy, just pull the trigger!

Ps: you should hear what he said about your Mom!