Three for the show: Three NFL teams currently good value for the Superbowl

As we careen towards week three in the NFL it appears the bookmakers haven't adjusted their odds according to the results as yet, at least not in terms of Superbowl odds. There are a few teams out there priced too high, and a few that are priced very low. Here are three that look like very, very good value right now. Absolutely not saying they will win, but, if they continue showing their form to date, the odds below might make for very good value down the road.

Houston 14-1
These guys have a serious whiff of Superbowl-ness about them. They have talent absolutely everywhere, on both sides of the ball, and have already submitted two 'statement' games. Their come-back win on the weekend was good, but their week one demolition of the Colts was made look all the better after the Colts took care of business against the Giants. Houston appears to be trending upwards towards a peak. 14-1 is fantastic value for a team off to a 2-0 start, a team that has made two big statements already. Watch this price tumble week to week if they keep it up.

Pittsburgh 18-1
It looks like the Steel Curtain might be back. The Steelers stifled a very good Falcons offence two weeks ago, and last week they completely stopped dead the best running back in the universe at time of writing. They beat Vince Young up so bad, confused him so completely, that he was benched in favour of a 72 year old back up, Kerry Collins. Two weeks in, they have wrecked two very good offences. This Steelers 'D' looks for real. With Big Ben back, their offence should take off, and that's when this ridiculous price will start to tumble.

Chicago Bears 33-1
These guys are a little bit more of a long shot but still worth a few bucks, particularly if you are a fan of their work. The Bears admittedly struggled to overcome the Lions in week one, but their stunning win in Dallas should have opened eyes all over the NFL. With Brian Urlacher back the Bear 'D' looks awesome, swarming to the ball carrier and harassing the QB all day long. Much maligned Jay Cutler looks focused and in great shape. This price will collapse like a house of cards with a couple more wins, so grab it while you can.