The day the Red Sox bought Liverpool (probably)

Bedraggled, browbeaten and depressed Liverpool supporters. Your days of misery are coming to an end.

Sure, it might take a while before the damage done to date to the once proud team from Anfield can be reversed, however, rest assured, your team is now on solid footing and will start improving from the moment the sale of the team to the owners of the Boston Red Sox is completely ratified.

It should be strongly noted, that as of 8 am this morning the deal has not gone through as yet. There is a fascinating struggle going on between the actual owners of the club (two nefarious villain types, Tom Hicks and George Gillett) who are trying to block the sale whilst the board have agreed to accept it. The two owners, who can not walk the streets of Liverpool without a bodyguard, have spent the morning trying to sack board members and replace them with relatives.

It does look however that the board can sell the team despite the villainous wrangling of the two owners. Most outlets are reporting the sale is just waiting legal approval, and the approval of the Premiere League, which given the Red Sox owners recent record, would be a lock.

I recommend this page as a good place to keep up to date with developments throughout the day.

Make no mistake, if this does get ratified, this is a terrific move for Liverpool. The owners of the Red Sox have completely turned around what was a pretty demoralized franchise since they bought it in 2002. Bear in mind, the much tortured Red Sox fan base had waited since 1918 for a World Series title, the current Red Sox owners have delivered not one but two (2004 and 2007) World Series titles. They have also made terrific, advantageous changes to the 'Lyric old bandbox' (John Updike's words, not mine) of a stadium called Fenway Park, which is currently on a Major League record streak for games sold out, without stealing from it’s world famous charm.

Put it this way, the current Red Sox owners have a 100% approval rating with Red Sox fans in the eight years since they have bought the club (any Sox fan who says otherwise is either a complete idiot, or one of those angry little, Calvinist types who would complain if they won the lottery).

They have achieved an incredible amount of success in that time, and have turned the Red Sox into annual contenders for both the AL East and indeed the World Series.

The Red Sox owners have completely reversed the fortunes of one of the greatest sporting franchises of all time, and now appear set to attempt to do same with another.

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