Monday, October 04, 2010

What's wrong, Chris Johnson?

If you are wondering why Chris Johnson is having a miserable season, by his lofty standards, maybe you need look no further than current Patriots Tight End Alge Crumpler. He may not have caught a single pass yet in 2010 however he is drawing rave reviews for his superb run blocking. The Patriots managed 200 rushing yards in their last game against Buffalo and much of that came with Crumpler bowling over defenders like helpless bowling pins at the point of attack.

How does Johnson come into this?

Like many schmucks I drafted Johnson first in my Fantasy Football draft, then smugly lifted a cold beer to my lips and thought ‘this is going to be fun!’ of course, instead of 2,500 yards as CJ predicted, he will be lucky to break a 1,000 after an insipid opening. Johnson’s blocking Tight End the last two record setting seasons at Tennessee?

That’s right. Alge Crumpler.

For the Patriots, having a Tight End as experienced and seasoned as Crumpler is the best possible platform to grow their two talented, raw rookies Hernandez and Gronkowski on. The two young pups have gone out of their way to say they are lapping up everything Crumpler is teaching. Early results look good.

Meanwhile, clowns like me, and the Tennessee Titans, just sit back and watch a season slipping away.

Got blocks?

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