Bowl game between Kansas State and Syracuse ends in controversy

Strange night in NCAA sports last night. UCONN ladies lose their winning streak, Washington shocks Nebraska and the officiating crews in the Kansas State and Syracuse game basically take it upon themselves to decide the outcome.

In case you didn't see it, in a wild finish to a superb game played at Yankee Stadium, no less, Kansas State wide receiver Adrian Hilburn drew a flag for a razor sharp, quick quick salute to the crowd after scoring a touchdown with 1:13 to play that pulled the Wildcats within 36-34 of Syracuse.

At best, this was an entirely disproportionate, non-contextual action by whichever idiot zebra actually threw the flag. At worst, you have to wonder, given the brazen stupidity of the action, did the official have something riding on the game?

The rule quoted is a seemingly randomly applied one that is meant to punish individuals drawing 'attention to themselves' after a touchdown. So, applying the rule further, one can only assume the official will be drawing a flag too? After all is said and done, the offending zebra has committed the worst sin in refereeing/officiating sports. He made the game about him. Adrian Hilburn was denied a career defining, joyous moment. Kansas were denied a chance in a game they deserved an equal chance to win. The fans were denied an overtime that might still be playing right now, tied 142-142. Yes, it was that good a game.

Here's what makes it stink that much more rotten. The following bowl game between Tennessee and UNC was a veritable orgy of saluting. After every scoring play Tennessee playes saluted en masse. Saluting the crowd, themeslves, saluting anything that moved. Where was this stupid ''rule 9-1-1d'' during that game?

All that aside, the part that angers me the most is, after Hilburn saluted the Kansas fans, very quickly and respectfully, the idiot Big Ten official said; 'Wrong choice buddy,' before throwing the flag. He clearly enjoyed his moment in the limelight. Here's hoping he gets an attack of conscience at some juncture in his life and regrets his idiotic call, and his callous comment also.

As 2010 comes to a close, NCAA football continues to confuse and baffle.

In NCAA football, one team can salute after a touchdown but another can't. In NCAA football a group of players are banned for five games for selling autographs and other trinkets, while the Heismann trophy winner's own father shopped him around to schools for hundreds of thousands of dollars and got away with it completely. In NCAA football they ban some players for selling those same trinkets while another player is sheltered, protected and allowed play on despite his actions and his threats directly leading to the tragic death of a young woman.

What more should we expect from a sport who's feature 'tournament', the BCS, seems to exist only because the old cronies who profit wildly from it in cartel like fashion will have to have the system prised from their cold, lifeless, dead hands before they give up the reins.



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