Friday, August 26, 2011

Pat Sullivan goal propels Shamrock Rovers into uncharted territory

What a wonderful night for League of Ireland soccer, and Irish soccer in general. Not to mention those handful of hardy Shamrock Rovers supporters who bravely ventured to the Balkans, and hopefully came back in one piece. In case you missed it, last night Irish club side Shamrock Rovers made history as a 2-1 Europa League win at Partizan Belgrade made them the first Irish side ever to reach the group stage of a European competition.

To put this incredible achievement in perspective, Shamrock Rovers squad was put together with €600,000. Manchester City spend that much on a team breakfast. That's basically three weeks of Gareth Barry's wages. The Rovers exploits last night were nothing short of heroic.

Sitting here taking it all in this morning, this column remembers such great results as Cork 1 Bayern 0 and Everton 0 UCD 0, however this goes far and away towards being the greatest result ever for an Irish club side. We welcome suggested corrections, but take a look at this absolute peach of a goal before you go charging into the comments section.

It may sway your opinion.

Partizan Belgrade 1 Shamrock Rovers 2
(Shamrock Rovers win 3-2 on aggregate)



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