Monday, October 17, 2011

Taking back the night: Dolphins @ Jets thoughts.

So, we're assuming there's something in the meaning of the universe and all that in this whole cyclical thing that goes on in all our lives. I mean, you wake up one day, find a 50 Euro note on the way out the door, and the next week you get an extra big electricity bill for, naturally, in and around 50 Euros. Kind of the same way NFL result picking goes. You go 12-4 one week, and the next, 4-12.

It all comes around in the end, doesn't it? We are probably on the cusp of finding a shred of the morsels that make up the meaning of life with this, but, there are bills to be paid, so let's have a look at some of the tasty little prices available in tonight's Dolphins at Jets showdown.

The Jets -7 carries some appeal, however, these three little suggestions should provide a tasty.

Total first half home team points - over 12.5
This appeals on a few levels. The Jets need a good showing in front of their angst ridden fans. They should come out firing, a couple of touchdowns or a touchdown and two field goals are both not out of the realm of sensible thinking, right? The Jets should manage over 12.5 points in the first half.

The Jets ST/D to score a TD any time
Can't believe this is 7/2. The bookies know that Matt Moore is playing for the Fish, right? The Jets D will never have a better chance to take a pick-six all the way to the house. Juicy odds, and remember, that's 'any time', so doesn't matter if they score first or last or whatever. Can't you see Matt Moore throwing at least one pick six? I know I can.

Dustin Keller first TD
Very tasty at 10/1. Keller is one of Sanchez's favourite targets, and the shaky QB needs to rely on his safety blanket tonight as he looks for a solid start. There's a very good chance he will look to Keller in the end zone, and 10/1 is very appealing.

Bear in mind, this guy is a New England boy, so, if I am talking up the Jets, you know it's good!

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