Friday, January 06, 2012

The odds are: 5,000\1 the four big New England teams win it all

Best stop reading this right now if you are not a fan of New England professional sports teams. Go do something that makes you happy inside, because this article sure isn’t going to do same! Let’s talk about the odds against the big New England teams winning their respective titles in this ongoing or forthcoming season. Pie in the sky, maybe, however you could make a reasonably compelling argument for the Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics.
Imagine all four did it. Unlikely, for a variety of reasons, but it is always nice to slip into a daydream. Particularly on a gloomy post-Christmas working day!

The Patriots are the shortest odds of the four, and with pretty good reason too. The Patriots have touched as high as 14/1 this NFL season however are now sitting as proud third favourites behind Green Bay and New Orleans on 7/2. Not exactly great value for a defence as bad as the Patriots would openly admit, however, you could argue the Packers and Saints respective ‘D’ are just as bad. Therefore, the 7/2 is definitely worth a little taste.

Next up are the Champion Boston Bruins at 9/2. The Bruins started the season slowly, so slowly in fact that some of us managed to grab 10/1 while it was going. That’s a distant memory now, as the Stanley Cup Champions look set for a deep playoff run at the very least.

The Red Sox are intriguing at 9/1 and probably offer the best overall ‘value’ to the gamblers amongst us. A rotation of Lester, Beckett, Bucholz, Bard and ‘Free agent X’ is excellent. The lineup will score close to a thousand runs and the defence is superb all over the park. There’s no doubt that Bobby Valentine will bring a fresh, vibrant approach, and the Red Sox should be, at very least, extremely competitive. 9/1 is a very tasty figure indeed.

Last and possibly (relatively speaking) least of the foursome are the Boston Celtics sitting at a whopping 20/1, possibly a direct reflection of their terrible opening to the season. The Celtics are a proud veteran team, however, and will no doubt make the playoffs, at which point the big three and Rondo might catch fire. 20/1 is definitely worth a dabble if you in any way fancy their chances.

Now for the accumulators.

Imagine a straight accumulator, all four to win their tournaments;
  • New England Patriots 7/2
  • Boston Celtics 20/1
  • Boston Bruins 9/2
  • Boston Red Sox 9/1

Accumulator return: 5197.50
Better than a kick in the backside, right?

How about a 'Yankee'? A Yankee is a particular bet, four teams, eleven total bets (one accumulator, three doubles and four trebles). So if you placed a one euro Yankee, that would cost eleven euros and would be, effectively, eleven different bets all with the same four teams involved.

So a fancy little New England sports Yankee featuring the four big clubs at the above odds would return for you;
Yankee return: 8609.50

Worth a shot, right? I mean, you never know!


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