Monday, January 16, 2012

Vincent doin’ work: Wilfork at the coal face

Tom Brady gets his share of the attention and or plaudits. The two young Tight Ends, ‘Hernandegronk’ get their (well deserved) share. The stoic, fearsome coach with his Evil Emperor hoody gets his share. How on earth does a man as large as Vince Wilfork stay under the radar?!

Actually scrap that, how does a man so vital, so integral to the Patriot’s plans stay so relatively under wraps?

If you are a Patriots or indeed just an NFL fan do yourself a favour, and mentally isolate and watch Vince Wilfork play football the next Patriots game you watch. It is a rewarding experience. He is simply put an incredible man, a fabulous athlete. Don’t look at me like that, yes, athlete. He may look like a rapper’s body guard or a chef at a family BBQ, but Wilfork simply never stops. He works all day long, and is still working hard on the last play of every game.

He is a true warrior, and a fantastic team mate too. Watching him play, he not only ‘does his job’ (The Patriots simple yet effective mantra) however he also brings the rest of his team mates closer together with endless energy and positive reinforcement.

There is a wonderful moment in the below clip where Wilfork approaches a defensive huddle and asks ‘Why ya’ll look so sad? This is football, this is fun!’ He is an incredible character, a true leader and an exceptionally honest player.

The Patriots are blessed to have him, and you are blessed to get a chance to listen in on the man on the field. Without further ado, a fantastic little segment, let’s call it ‘Vincent doin’ work’. You are welcome!


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A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports

A nice little mention for this blog on Fox Sports


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