Monday, February 20, 2012

Negative vibes: Red Sox local writers ready to churn out same negative Sox view as always.

Ah come on now. Seriously? Spring training is just around the corner and the vast majority of Boston related sports writers are still banging on about last season? For real? Look, we all know Boston sports is always going to have a smog like cloud of Calvinistic doubt and worry hanging over it, but can’t we even consider the possibility of enjoying the 2012 MLB season?

You know what, you can actually predict exactly how the Boston focused writers, those Knights Of The Keyboard that Teddy Ballgame had such a beef with, are going to report the ’12 season for us

Key moments?

  • March: The Sox are a mess, Josh Beckett hasn’t fully said sorry, self flagellate yourself while reading this
  • April: The Red Sox have started the season poorly, time to panic
  • May: The Sox have righted the ship, and they are probably going to win the World Series
  • June: There are a lot of questions about the ’12 Red Sox, probably time to panic
  • July: Break out the mid-season report templates! Change the date to 2012 and away we go.
  • August: Play (insert players name here) more! Bobby Valentine doesn’t know anything!
  • September: The Sox are trailing (insert either NY or Tampa here) by two games and we all may as well go ahead and throw ourselves into the Charles
  • October: Time to break out the ‘Who do you blame?’ template

There is a reason us Red Sox fans have such a dour view on things, and there is a reason that most other MLB fans hate the Sox, and that is the way the Red Sox related media churn out the same old stuff, whipping the fans into a frenzy with either panic button pressing or generalizing on the highest scale possible. There is no black and white, the Sox are either going to win the World Series, or they are going to absolutely suck.

Please, please, pretty please with a weighted-donut on top, can we not enjoy even the start of the ’12 season? Do we really have to read your depressing, repetitive articles on who is to blame for last season, why the Sox failed and how Josh Beckett shot your dog and slept with your wife?

Take your foot off us collective Red Sox fan’s throats, and let us breathe, if even for Spring Training.


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