Monday, February 06, 2012

So let's get this straight, Miami fans, really?

Goodness me, really? Miami Dolphin fans are going to talk trash the day after the Superbowl? Really? Unbelievably, after the Patriots loss to the Giants on Sunday night, I received only two emails teasing me about my allegiance to all things Patriot.

I say unbelievable as I normally generate more hate mail. There's something about my face that some people just don't like. Perhaps even more shocking though than the small number of correspondence, both of the mails were from Dolphins fans. I know, I am as shocked as you are, apparently Dolphins fans have figured out how to use a keyboard.

I mean first of all, Dolphins fans? Really? The Dolphins are about as relevant to the zeitgeist as Matt LeBlanc. The Fish Out Of Water have been an entirely pathetic sporting organisation for some time now, and even when they were decent, their star QB Dan Marino never won a Superbowl ring. So, who exactly is casting the first stone here? What is a Miami fan doing bleating like a learning disabled sheep about the Superbowl for? The closest most Dolphin fans will get to same in the next five years is if they buy a Lions jersey and start rooting for them (The Lions are winning it all next year, you heard it here first!).

You know what, we all run our own sporting paths. We root for whoever, we rise and fall emotionally with their fortunes. Generally, when someone we know suffers a sporting loss, we support them or we give them space to go through their own process to recover from same. Anything else is completely lacking in intelligence and or dignity. So let's talk about the actual physical action of some moronic gimp sitting down at a computer screen, and actually opening up a brand new fresh email and taking the time and effort to write to a Patriots fan teasing them about last night.

I mean, why? What's the point? What exactly are you proving in doing that? How infantile and idiotic do you have to be, how pathetic and pointless does your existence have to be to have time to waste to do that? You know what, I guess what it says most of all is, just how completely and utterly pathetic the Dolphins are. Yes, that's right, you Miami fans. Your team is so irrelevant that you are forced to comment mainly on the progress and results of other NFL teams.

Your team isn't even worth talking about.

Now, to delete some Facebook 'friends'....



Lauren said...

Eeek! Dolphins fan here. I, at least, kept the teasing on my own blog...

Cormac said...

You are forgiven. :o)

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