Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Catching up: Harry Potter and the NFL replacement referees

Where else can you read about the night Harry Potter met the Dublin minor GAA team and also a commentary on the NFL replacement referees performance, or lack of, on Monday night football? Where else but in my 'From the bleachers' column on Irish Central. Yes, it is shameful self-pimping time, hopefully you might find five minutes to visit, read, like, share the following couple of short, hopefully punchy little pieces.

Preview one
No, this is not another installment of the popular JK Rowling book, or movie. This is even odder. You may have noticed pictures of Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe celebrating with the Dublin GAA Minor (Junior) team doing the rounds on the net last night and thought to yourself, ‘Nah, that’s not Harry Potter! He’s too small, and besides, what would he be doing drinking with the Dubs?!’

The crazy thing is, it’s all true!

Read the full article here.

Preview Two
Is there a more vilified role currently in modern society than the NFL replacement referees? Green Bay and New England NFL fans hate the replacement referees. Reggie Bush hates them, Drew Brees hates them. Paul Ryan hates the replacement referees. Your Grandmother probably hates the replacement referees. NFL referee costumes are going to take on a whole new meaning this Halloween. Perhaps it is time to take a short step backwards though and at least ask a few questions about this furor, before we go tar and feathering anyone.

First, that big play last night. In case you missed it, Golden Tate of the Seahawks, challenged Green Bay defensive back M. D. Jennings for the ball on the final, hail Mary type heave into the end-zone. Both players appeared to have a grip on the ball and the referees invoked the NFL rule that basically a ‘tie’ like that goes to the offensive player. You can argue the finer details until the cows come home, however, I would contend that Jennings caused much of this issue by not playing his position properly.

Read the full article here

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