Thursday, September 20, 2012

NFL week three picks

Mitt Romney had a brutal week. Stephen Gostowski had a terrible week. Kelvin Davis had a pretty awful week. Boston Irish had a nightmare week two, and hopes to bounce back in style this coming week three with some solid picks, particularly in his ‘Finest Four’ selections (in which he is still a healthy 5-3 against the spread). Mitt, Stephen, Kelvin and Mac have been walking around all week spouting sporting cliché to all who would listen, remember it is a marathon not a sprint, and so forth! In terms of the NFL, it is early days yet, and Mac is hoping to still hit his target of 60% for the season, starting with a big bounce-back in week three. Hop on for the ride!

Season to date
  • Last week against the spread: 4-10-2
  • Overall record against the spread: 12-20-2
  • Finest Four against the spread last week: 1-3
  • Finest Four against the spread overall: 5-3
  • Winning percentage: 37.5%
  • The finest four percentage: 62.5%

The finest four.
Four picks to boost your bankroll

The Game: Tampa Buccaneers at Dallas Cowboys
Current line: Dallas -9
The Science: Whoever anointed Dallas with a 9 point handicap must have missed both their incredibly inept showing in Seattle and also Tampa’s near-thing against the Giants. Once again, too many points! Going to make this an upset special too, with Tampa getting hotter every week.
The Score: Tampa 35 Dallas 33
The Pick: Tampa +9

The Game: Detroit Lions at Tennessee Titans
Current line: Detroit -3.5
The Science: The Lions might force some serious changes in Tennessee after the wake of this potential drubbing. The Lions have the defence to completely stifle Tennessee’s brutal (this far) offence whilst their offence is ready to explode on someone. Tennessee are great candidates.
The Score: Detroit 38 Tennessee 16
The Pick: Detroit -3.5

The Game: Cincinnati Bengals at Washington Redskins
Current line: Washington -3
The Science: The ‘Skins had a `15 point lead last week, only to make some silly mistakes and squander it. You can bet your Robert Griffin the Third rookie card they won’t make that mistake again. The Bengals win over Cleveland, by comparison, is about as valuable as a Ryan Leaf rookie card.
The Score: Cincinnati 20 Washington 34
The Pick: Washington -3

The Game: Atlanta Falcons at San Diego Chargers
Current line: San Diego -3
The Science: The Chargers come up against the first decent defence they have faced thus far, results are predictable.
The Score: Atlanta 24 San Diego 20
The Pick: Atlanta +3

The rest.
Definitely. Probably. Maybe.

The Game: New York Giants at Carolina Panthers
Current line: Carolina -2.5
The Science:  The Giants are playing this one basically without an established running back, and looked absolutely brutal in week one, before bouncing back a little last week. The key to this one depends on whether you think the Giants are a great team, or a paper tiger, living off a fake reputation based on a couple of wildly flukey plays at key moments.
The Score:  New York 24 Carolina 34
The Pick:  Carolina -2.5

The Game: St Louis Rams at Chicago Bears
Current line: Chicago -9
The Science: Chicago most likely without star running back Matt Forte are supposed to cover a 9 point spread a week after being basically pummelled by Green Bay? The Rams are a cheeky little bunch, and Forte is a big, big loss. Too many points, all things considered.
The Score:  St Louis 20 Chicago 24
The Pick:  St Louis +9

The Game: Buffalo Bills at Cleveland Browns
Current line:  Buffalo -3
The Science: The Bills are a decent team with some interesting, talented offensive parts. The Browns are from Cleveland.
The Score: Buffalo 30 Cleveland 17
The Pick: Buffalo -3

The Game:  Jacksonville Jaguars at Indianapolis Colts
Current line:  Indianapolis -3
The Science: Amazing what one win can do for a team’s confidence. The Colts played well last week, and their (Andrew) Luck looks set to continue against the winless Jags.
The Score:  Jacksonville 19 Indianapolis 27
The Pick: Indianapolis -3

The Game: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins
Current line: New York -1
The Science:  Had Miami not gone berserk last week against the problem laden Raiders, this line would not have been close. The Jets are the better team, however, and if they play 75% up to their ability, should beat Miami easily enough.
The Score: New York 24 Miami 17
The Pick:  New York -1

The Game: San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings
Current line:  San Francisco -6.5
The Science: Just a hunch, but aren’t the 49ers due a few ugly, close wins?
The Score:  San Francisco 26 Minnesota 23
The Pick: Minnesota +6.5

The Game: Kansas Chiefs at New Orleans Saints
Current line:  New Orleans -9
The Science: I don’t want any part of New Orleans minus anything at the moment, let alone 9 points! Kansas has the offence to keep this one close, and the Saints right now would struggle to keep a German second division amateur team from scoring on them. The Saints might just avoid a completely disastrous start with a late game winning kick, but only just.
The Score: Kansas 28 New Orleans 30
The Pick:  Kansas +9

The Game: Philadelphia Eagles at Arizona Cardinals
Current line: Philadelphia -3.5
The Science:  The Eagles travel to ‘Zona to get a close look at the Cards hard hitting, young, talented defence. This guy says they don’t enjoy the view.
The Score:  Philadelphia 24 Arizona 27
The Pick:  Arizona +3.5

The Game:  Houston Texans at Denver Broncos
Current line:  Houston -1
The Science:  Denver a totally different proposition at home, and they kinda need this one, whilst Houston can afford to relax a little.
The Score:  Houston 23 Denver 27
The Pick:  Denver +1

The Game:  Pittsburgh Steelers at Oakland Raiders
Current line: Pittsburgh -4
The Science:  The Steelers continue to reinvent their overall team ethos in front of our very eyes, turning themselves into a passing attack. Results are favourable.
The Score: Pittsburgh 26 Oakland 17
The Pick: Pittsburgh -4

The Game:  New England Patriots at Baltimore Ravens
Current line:  Baltimore -3
The Science: The Patriots just don’t do two bad games in a row.
The Score:  New England 28 Baltimore 24
The Pick:  New England +3

The Game:  Green Bay Packers at Seattle Seahawks
Current line:  Green Bay -3
The Science:  The Packers are due to gel soon, and Russell Wilson and the Hawks are due a lesson on the learning curve
The Score:  Green Bay 30 Seattle 20
The Pick: Green Bay -3

    Good luck and as always, enjoy the games!


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