Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Both the beautiful and the ugly faces of soccer

A couple of pieces from my column on Irish Central with the overall theme being soccer. First, a pretty amazing Norwegian soccer player turned field goal kicker. You need to see his video! Check it out. Second, the pretty horrendous behaviour of Serbian football 'fans' and last night's match against England at under 21 level.

Previews and links to the original below, check 'em out!


Preview one:
A Norwegian kicking in the NFL? Håvard Rugland 'kicking exhibition video" goes viral  

Håvard Rugland
Håvard Rugland
Every day we are pointed towards something to watch or read on the Internet. We all are guilty of ushering folk to do same also. We are all butlers to the Internet. We usher our friends and family to links, articles and videos, and we’re doing it more and more every day. In such a saturated market it is often hard to find something genuinely jaw dropping, however, this video, I wager, is just that. If you have any interest in the NFL, soccer, or sports in general, if even you like well put together amateur video with a difference, this video is for you.

At its most basic, it’s a young man kicking an NFL ball around, trying (and succeeding) with some ridiculous trick shots, however that’s like describing Mozart as a ‘decent’ composer. 
Read the full article here

Preview two
After disgraceful scenes at under 21 football match Serbia must be banned by UEFA and FIFA

First things first, apologies if any normal, polite and reasonable Serbian football fan or regular Serbian Joe Punter person takes offence to the below, this is not directed at you, this is directed at your brethren who can’t contain themselves, and your football federation, who won’t contain them.

On to the matter at hand. Our American readers are going to find the pictures and videos on this piece shocking. You just don’t see this level of hate and violence in organised sport in the USA. Now, our Irish and European readers are going to think ‘Sure, seen this before, it’s just Serbia being Serbia’. However, enough is enough. No more excuses. No more warnings. This has to be the final straw. It is time to kick Serbia out of all FIFA and UEFA competitions for a good period, preferably ten years. FIFA needs to act now, and show its members, show the World, that FIFA does not condone racism, violence and thuggery at any level. At this stage there is absolutely no alternative, and FIFA has to stand up to these disgusting Serbian bullies. 

Read the full article here


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