Thursday, October 11, 2012

NFL week six picks

Week six, the mist is starting to clear. As the NFL inches closer to its midway points, the contenders announce themselves and the pretenders fall away like Mark Sanchez passes, arcing briefly before fluttering harmlessly into the turf. Come week six, us punters are starting to build mental libraries of the early part of the season, including teams and players we trust. Houston and Atlanta look dominant. Minnesota, Chicago, New England and Arizona are intriguing. Cleveland, Tennessee and Kansas are basically out of it already and 'battling' for the privilege of picking Matt Barkley first in next season's NFL draft. At first glance there appears to be a few 'soft spots' in the odds in week six. Let's see if we can exploit them. 

Season to date
  • Last week against the spread: 8-6
  • Overall record against the spread: 36-41-2
  • Finest Four against the spread last week: 1-3
  • Finest Four against the spread overall: 10-10
  • Winning percentage: 46.7%
  • The finest four percentage: 50%

The finest four.
Four picks to boost your bankroll

The Game: Cincinnati Bengals At Cleveland Browns
Current line: Cincinnati -1
The Science: Those tricky bookmakers, trying to fool us! We know too much, though. We know Andy Dalton and Ben Jarvis Green Ellis alone represent too much talent for the Browns to handle. The Bengals are not a terrible football team, they are a project gone past the rebuilding stage. The Browns? Trent Richardson is going to be a super NFL running back, in time. We are dealing in the here and now, however, and the Bengals should be too good for the Brownies.
The Score: Cincinnati 28 Cleveland 17
The Pick: Cincinnati -1

The Game: St Louis Rams At Miami Dolphins
Current line: Miami -3.5
The Science: The Rams are quietly building an interesting season, riding a little win streak and looking for their third straight win. They are building it on the back of tight defence, the confident, consistent running of Steven Jackson and the suprisingly controlled quarterback play of Sam Bradford. The Dolphins? They have rebounded well from a horrific opening week, but are not to be trusted. They rely to heavily on Reggie Bush, a player who makes Darren 'sick note' Anderton look solid physically. Take the Rams and that juicy, extra half point on the back of the three to inoculate you from a close Miami win.
The Score: St Louis 24 Miami 23
The Pick: St Louis +3.5

The Game: New England Patriots At Seattle Seahawks
Current line: New England -3.5
The Science: Shhh. Don't say anything. Keep this one to yourself. Yes, you can have the Patriots -3.5 against a rookie QB. Yes, you can have the Patriots and their future hall of fame coach Bilicheck against Pete Carrol. Just don't tell anyone, we don't want this line shooting up on us before we get our hard earned dollars on it! The Patriots almost beat Baltimore on their home turf, and then hung 83 points on Buffalo and Denver combined. The offence has clicked, and the young, talented defence is starting to look menacing. Seattle do not have the tools to deal with what's about to hit them. Just keep it to yourself so we can all make a profit out of this situation!
The Score: New England 36 Seattle 24
The Pick: New England -3.5

The Game: New York Giants At San Francisco 49ers
Current line: San Francisco -6.5
The Science: How often does a Superbowl champion get 6.5 points? The 49ers have built their ego up by pasting a injury riddled Jets side and the Bills. The Giants should at the very least keep this one close. Their front seven can terrorize Alex Smith all day, while their offence should get a few points on the board. Let's face it, if you are a Giants fan or not (and I am definitely in the latter category) you have to grudgingly admit, they rise to the occasion. This game is an occasion. Take the 6.5 and run.
The Score: New York 27 San Francisco 24
The Pick: New York +6.5

The rest.
Definitely. Probably. Maybe.

Pittsburgh Steelers -6 At Tennessee Titans 34-20
Dallas Cowboys +3.5 At Baltimore Ravens 30-33
Oakland Raiders At Atlanta Falcons -9.5 17-32
Kansas City Chiefs At Tampa Bay Buccaneers -4 16-24
Indianapolis Colts +3 At New York Jets 23-20
Detroit Lions +4 At Philadelphia Eagles 24-26
Buffalo Bills At Arizona Cardinals -4.5 16-28
Green Bay Packers +3.5 At Houston Texans 33-30
Denver Broncos +1 At San Diego Chargers 30-20


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