JJ Watt wags his finger and spits on the logo of the team that hung 83 points on his defence this NFL season.

And so it goes, the NFL playoffs move forward to the final four, with many a hard lucky story and many a pretender left floundering in the wake of the four remaining teams. Where do we stack the Houston Texans? If their double-capitulations in New England are anything to go by, firmly in the latter ‘Pretender’ bracket. At least most of the Texans took their beating(s) like men. In general the Texans complimented the New England Patriots and promised they would improve next season. Standard stuff.

Enter JJ Watt. You might recall Watt’s gormless face clogging up the airwaves ad-nauseum last week against the Bengals. For whatever reason the TV networks can’t get enough of the guys pillowy, vacant face. You might also remember him from last night’s game, stealing Dikembe Mutumbo’s ‘finger wag’ after making a tackle on a Patriot’s running back. He did this with his team in a serious hole, losing badly and facing elimination from the playoffs.

He wagged his finger despite the fact the defence he is an integral part of has this season conceded a total of 83 points to the team he was waving his finger at.

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