Ray Lewis the great illusionist: Ravens linebacker continues to avoid his own past


It is hard to move today because of the deluge of sycophantic articles that have descended upon us after the announcement that Baltimore Ravens defensive player Ray Lewis will allegedly retire after this current NFL season. We are literally knee deep in adulatory prose being adorned on the lad. 90% of the articles being written about him are a complete whitewash in that they do not speak a single bad word about the chap. Even the 9% that do raise some quiet questions about his murky past still throw countless bouquets at him, blinding you with his impressive NFL statistics, or feel-good anecdotes about how he great he is in the Baltimore community. Wonderful. What a guy!

This column never thought it would say this, but we are among the 1% (at least when it comes to Ray Lewis).

You can throw all the statistics you want at us, you can attempt to drown us out with stories about Lewis helping Little Johnny, Billy or Mary in Baltimore, fine, whatever, however you will never remove the odious stain that is the events outside an Atlanta nightclub in January 2000.

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