Superbowl, La Liga and A-Rod: weekend mixed bag!

Lots and lots to catch up on! Several articles posted by this guy (points thumbs at self) over the last week on Irish Central and the BetDash blog also. Preview and links below. You never know, maybe one or two take your fancy, maybe you have time to click a few links. If so, great, if not, have a great weekend anyway!!

Can the 49er's rookie quarterback Colin Kaepernick really lead his team to Superbowl glory?
Preview: It doesn’t happen often. The Superbowl is a sacred place, a land that is ridiculously difficult to get to, and even more difficult again to conquer. Many have tried and only a chosen few have prevailed. The challenge increases exponentially when your team has a rookie QB at the helm. Nevertheless that’s exactly what San Francisco will try this coming Sunday night, as they go into the game with rookie Colin Kaepernick leading the way.
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Weekly La Liga Preview
Preview: If you’re a fan of La Liga in any shape or form, the following is probably a silly question: did you catch Wednesday night’s El Classico? Real Madrid drew 1-1 with Barcelona in their Copa Del Rey semi final, first leg; a tidy affair that had plenty of talking points, none more-so than the spectacular emergence of Real Madrid defender Raphael Verane.
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Six nations opening weekend preview
Preview: Here it is again. It has been a long wait, but the Six Nations is almost here again. This coming weekend sees the opening three matches of what promises to be an interesting and exciting season in Rugby Union’s most historic tournament. If England’s fine win over The All Blacks is anything to go by, they should be feared for this tournament. You can look at it like that, or that now England’s expectations have ballooned too high based on a single result. England open the tournament at 1/18 to beat Scotland. Restrictive, to say the least. What of their 8/1 visitors? Scotland could be facing an uphill struggle if their Autumn campaign results are anything to go by. Starting the tournament with a visit to Twickenham is probably not going to be a massive boost for Scottish confidence.
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New York Yankees find possible solution to A-Rod problem
Preview: So, I guess we know why the New York Yankees really signed Kevin Youkilis. Perhaps they knew something other than regular injury was up with their third baseman Alex Rodriguez. Turns out A-Rod has been abusing the juice, again. Yes, one of the greatest frauds to have ever walked on a Major League Baseball diamond, has once again, been caught with his pants down, and with a giant steroid needle stuck firmly in his backside. A Miami paper has published the results of a three month long investigation and A-Rod is the biggest name on the list. Judge for yourself, but the evidence certainly looks compelling.
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