A moment of great sportsmanship - wrapping up the week that was

Pretty enjoyable sporting week behind us, the drama of the Champions League, the return of baseball (World Baseball Classic and Spring Training), Rory Mc's ridiculous meltdown and so forth. Plenty of drama, not all of it good natured. Funniest part of the week? Alex Ferguson ranting and raving like a lunatic about Nani's red card, weeks after claiming one of his own players were nearly killed by a kicked football. Maybe sit the next few plays out, eh, Alex?

A couple of cool little things noticed during this week. First, Big Papi brought a smile to the face of Baseball Ireland with the below Tweet.

I believe Emerald Diamond director John Fitzgerald went to a lot of trouble to be the catalyst for this to happen (many Bothan spies and all that) so, kudos to him.

Secondly, this little video clip stood out for me this week. Juventus summarily dismissed Celtic from the Champions League with an abject, dismissive, 'cool' that Dexter would be proud of. After the match however there was a lovely little moment of sportsmanship. It's a very simply moment, a Celtic and Juventus fan exchanging team scarves over a security wall, however, it resonates heavily in this day of sports cynicism and greed.

I love the way the Celtic fan marches off with his trophy, and throws it over his shoulders with the confidence of an Italian catwalk model.

Right, wipe a tear away, and let's move on to a summary of what garbage has been churning forth from the keyboard of this guy all week

Right that's about it. Have a great weekend all ya'll.

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