Weekly round up - Kids rugby skills video, La Liga weekend preview, The Red Sox open their season and more

Here we go, another Friday, we sit on the verge of the best part of the week, the weekend. Time for a round up of everything this guy (points thumbs at himself) has produced for Irish Central and BetDash this week past. I'm hoping you might find something of interest in the below, and equally hopeful if you do, you will like it, share it, pass it around.

Karma is a great thing. You may not know it, but sharing, liking or otherwise helping me promote any of the below could be worth some Karma. You never know. Why take the chance?!

  • So first up, a great little video created by a young Irish kid with some rugby kicking skills, a video that none other than Dan Carter (brilliant All Blacks legend) gave a shout-out to on Twitter. 
  • The Red Sox looked pretty damn good in games one and two of the 2013 MLB season. Beating the Yankees in the first two games means that Boston might have a baseball team to look forward to this summer, and I might actually enjoy having purchased MLB.TV! 
  • Did you know Manny Ramirez is now playing in the Chinese baseball league? I know, crazy, eh? Here's a short article with video of his first hit in same.
  • Here is my weekend La Liga preview for BetDash, which focuses on the battle for second place in the table between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid.

So that's the junk in my trunk, as it were, from this week just finished. I will also hopefully be adding more Dublin Hurricanes updates as they happen. We started the Irish Baseball league season with a win last week, here's Peter Kavanagh's game report linked, and screenshot below for the super lazy (Click on it to read it)

That's it for this week. Here's to a great weekend. Go Sox.