Fire Claude? Really?

Almost unbelievably there are some Boston Bruins fans out there that want coach Claude Julien fired. We take a look at a few of them

Claude Julien - Boston Bruins coach

Some folk are just never happy. Despite the fact that Boston Bruins coach Claude Julien has been a large part of the reason hockey is now relevant again in Boston, there are people out there who are demanding he is fired. #fireclaude is actually a 'thing' on Twitter, believe it or not. Apparently guiding your team to one Stanley Cup title and having them on the verge of another doesn't get people a free pass anymore!

There are actually two entire Twitter accounts setup with a view to having Julien fired. The below account is going all out, however has only managed to attract 17 followers thus far.

This account really hasn't managed to get off the ground as yet!

Zero followers just isn't going to get it done.

Let's have a look at some of the individual Tweets. To start, this person basically shouldn't be allowed watch hockey.
Straight to the next idiot. Would a second Stanley Cup win be acceptable? Probably not to this demanding soul.
This clown uses weak, short term statistics to back up a hasty demand to have the coach fired, despite the team going deep into the postseason
At least this guy accepts he might have been a bit hasty
The moral of the story, as ever, is that some people should simply not be allowed on the Internet!

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