Get your World Series tickets! Only $96,000 each!

Tickets to Game one of the World Series at Fenway Park, between the Boston Red Sox and the St Louis Cardinals are available at $96,000. Please note you are currently limited to a maximum of 24. If you could have your $2.3 million ready before you click 'Buy', that would be great.

The Red Sox are contesting the World Series from Wednesday night on

The World Series starts Wednesday in Boston, and the home town Red Sox are marginal favourites with bookmakers to take their third title since 2004. Should a body fancy attending this potentially momentous event, the super great news is that there are approximately 2,000 tickets available for the game, mostly on re-sellers such as StubHub.

Plenty of World Series tickets available

The slightly less great news is that the tickets are retailing in and around the $96,000 mark.

Let's let that sink in for a second.


$96,000 tickets

We have contacted StubHub to ask if anyone actually purchases tickets that cost just a shade below $100,000, we will update this post when and if they reply.

In the meantime, brother, can you spare a dime, or $96,000?

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