Jacoby's 'Thank You' actually pretty insulting

Jacoby Ellsbury has sent a gaudy 'Thank you' message to the fans of the Red Sox via the medium of his Agent Scott Boras's dictationThe Boston Globe. Good for him. The problems start if you look closely at the picture he used.

It is becoming standard procedure at this stage that when a professional athlete of note leaves a certain town, he then takes out an advert in said town, thanking them for their support over the years. Some of them are heartfelt and uplifting. Some of them are not.

Enter soon to be Yankee Jacoby Ellsbury.

The two time World Series Champion has taken it upon himself to take out an advertisement in the Boston Globe, thanking the fans of Red Sox Nation.

At first glance, the text of the thank you note looks okay, if a little vanilla.

Red Sox Nation, Two World Championships and seven years of great memories. To the fans of New England, teammates and the many friendships made. Thank you! Jacoby

However, have a look at the image he used.

A friend of mine described the picture brilliantly as androgynous. Could it be any more (Yankee) grey? It would be interesting to know if the image has been touched up at all, those wrist bands look a little too grey, for example. However his team of photo shopping monkeys managed it, they managed to find a picture with almost zero percentage reference to the Boston Red Sox. No Boston 'B', just a self aggrandizing snap of young Jacoby lifting a trophy. It could be with any team, right?

Whatever happened to the whole 'B-Strong' movement, Jacoby? Have you no use for it now? Is that it? Wear a blue t-shirt with B-Strong on it until someone offers you more cash to play for them?

You know what, if you are going to do something good, as in take out an advert to thank a team's fans, just fucking do it, and don't try to manage the situation by appeasing your new fan base with a watered down, possibly touched-up picture that seems to be trying to pretend Jacoby never played for the Yankees most hated rivals.

Whatever about the jilted former Red Sox fans, even Yankee fans aren't that stupid, Jacoby.

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