Offensive NFL sign outside restaurant is just a symptom of a larger problem

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A racially offensive sign outside a restaurant chain in Belton, Miss has caused a storm on the social networks. However, what’s the point of attacking the idiot who put it up, when several major professional sports teams are allowed to use racially insensitive logos and mascots?

1860 would be so proud

The Sonic Drive-in restaurant chain has been forced to apologize for a very  offensive sign that was displayed outside one of its branches last weekend.  The sign, which was put up outside a Belton, Miss., branch, read, 'KC Chiefs' Will Scalp the Redskins Feed Them Whiskey Send -2- Reservation," As it turns out, it was technically correct, in that Kansas did indeed overwhelm Washington on Sunday. Still, that’s no excuse for the pretty pathetic, childish and offensive sign.

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