A man cleaning a muddy baseball bat with a banana skin

Baseball Ireland can be an equal parts charming and also confusing place to be. Yesterday, during a game between my Dublin hurricanes and the Greystones Mariners, as I sat between innings on the bench, I saw a man clean a muddy baseball bat with a banana skin.

No, seriously.

Perhaps some context is required. It was the usual cold, slightly foggy, wet, damp Irish baseball opening weekend (we should probably wait until July to start playing ball) and the Hurricanes dugout was starting to resemble a First World War trench.

I was half watching our team bat, half day dreaming about warm showers and hot food, and as I turned my head to my right side, I noticed a gentleman on our squad take a used banana skin and use it to clean off a mud caked baseball bat.

I mean, what can you add to that really? This is the same game where one of the opposition pitchers took to the mound wearing shorts with some kind of leggings under them.

I wish I had had the presence of mind to take a picture of the gent using fruit to clean his bat, however sadly I was too deeply embedded in a combined state of confusion and shock.

I do remember Hurricanes President for life Rafael Diaz, tongue firmly in cheek, telling me that 'You see, the Venezuelan people leave no part of the banana unused after killing it...'

Baseball Ireland.

You never know what you're going to see next.