The real tragedy of Qatar is being overlooked

Finally the entire World is getting to see the extreme corruption that led to Qatar of all places being awarded the 2022 World Cup. For anyone who's familiar with the levels of corruption FIFA are capable of, this comes as absolutely no shock.

There are Nigerian pyramid schemes with more dignity than FIFA.

Sadly the outpouring of investigative articles are, for whatever reason, glossing over a far greater evil occurring as we speak.

Even FIFA are admitting that as many as 1,200 migrant workers have died horrible deaths in Qatar, building the stadiums that will probably now not even see any World Cup games. They are dying in droves from disease, hunger and workplace accidents. Amnesty international estimate that as many as 4,000 migrant workers will die if Qatar are allowed continue with their disgusting system.

Think about the numbers involved here. 1,200 (at very least) dead, with the figure rising daily.

If that was a thousand white people there would literally be riots in the streets. Instead it's just a thousand coloured people, and we're already forgetting them in favour of the financial intrigue involved.

One of the worst parts of this is that the World Cup is the flagship tournament for the game of the common people of the World. Football is the game of the blue collar worker. Building stadiums shouldn't result in the death of ONE blue collar worker, let alone thousands.

Qatar should have already had the World Cup taken off them, and those in charge should be facing human rights violations charges.

Including those in FIFA turning a blind eye to this tragedy.