Thoughts on 'Gone Girl'

There's a great line in '30 Rock' where Tina Fey turns to Alec Baldwin and says;

'Well, you just hate everyone, don't you?!' 

Much like Baldwin's character in 30 Rock,  it's apparent 'Gone Girl' director David Fincher doesn't suffer fools easily, and thoroughly enjoys making fun of them. He's also pretty pissed off at many of societies vagaries and thoroughly enjoys laying them bare for us. He does this in 'Seven', in 'Fight Club' and now in 'Gone Girl', where Fincher lays waste to the media, elements of the police, the legal profession, suburban St. Louis, over-bearing parents and snooty, rich business men too. No one escapes Fincher's acerbic eye.

'Gone Girl'
'Gone Girl' 

The basic premise of 'Gone Girl' starts with a married woman going missing under suspicious circumstances and the story runs off in dozens directions from there. There's basically no point in outlining the story as any commentary would be spoiler heavy. Suffice to say, it's riveting from start to finish.

Riveting for me anyway. I do wonder about some movie goers. Be it the chatty, loud, obnoxious middle aged couple that made me choose to move seats, or the dozens of people that complained audibly, after it all ended, about the plot, you have to wonder why some people bother going to the cinema.

That latter group, I would love to ask them what exactly they expected, Sly Stallone to swoop in, kill the bad guys and deliver a catchy quip as the credits roll?

If you're not going to open your mind and let the movie maker tell you a story, then what's the point?

Back to the movie itself, 'Gone Girl' is smooth, stylish and zips along at a frenetic pace, to the point you are surprised when the couple of hours are gone.

Ben Affleck delivers the performance of his lifetime, for me anyway, and explores every inch of his character. I suspect he has some fun exploring the perception his suspect husband is smug and lacks the 'correct' emotions for the given situation.

'Gone Girl'

Tyler Perry is nothing short of a charming revelation in a serious role, he fills the screen brilliantly as a high profile lawyer, and leaves you wanting more. There are plenty of other excellent supporting performances, and David Fincher's usual technical team excel as always in making his vision as aesthetically brilliant as possible.

Fincher always has a great handle on what he wants to do musically in his movies, and the soundtrack is absolutely mesmeric.

It has to be noted strongly that Rosamund Pike is also something of a revelation, perfectly cast as a spoilt, only-child, upper-class young lady who goes missing, igniting a massive search for her. She is quite literally perfect for the role, and the depths to which it evolves.

Most of all, 'Gone Girl' is a provocative, entertaining and sometimes shocking movie. It has some good depth to it, and if you give Fincher a chance, the way he tells the story is a nice two fingers to the pervasive World of formulaic movie making we live in today.

 'Gone Girl'
 'Gone Girl'


Gareth Eklof said…
Sounds well worth a look. Haven't been to the cinema in a while, that might have to change.
Gareth Eklof said…
Sounds well worth a look. Haven't been to the cinema in a while, that might have to change!