On Terrell Suggs and domestic abuse

I had the misfortune of stumbling across a video posting along with sycophantic comments heaping praise upon Terrell Suggs today. It was on a Facebook page for an English NFL TV show. I made an innocuous enough point in the comment section, which the social media manager for that site then deleted. Fair enough, I ‘Unliked’ the page, and will not be watching their TV show again (Isn't it great how social media reduces us to actions akin to angry 12 year olds?!).

That social media manager is just one of the many thousands who bury their head in the sand when it comes to Terrell Suggs. He’s a nasty, malicious and hateful individual, and it is incredible that the NFL chooses to allow him exist in their World. A strong statement? Consider it yourself after the following facts.

  • Candace Williams, the mother of Suggs’s children, has filed for two protective orders against Suggs in the last five years. On both occasions the Judge presiding deemed Suggs enough of a danger to her and the children that the restraining order was given.
  • According to court details of the first order, he knocked her to the ground and sat on top of her, grabbing her neck and holding an open bottle of bleach over her. Williams wrote that Suggs used an obscenity and said he was going to “drown [her] with this bleach.” She put her hands over the cap, but the cleaner spilled onto her and their son
  • While entering details to describe “past injuries,” Williams lists “busted lips, broken nose, black eyes, bruises’’
  • According to court records, “Baltimore City District Court Judge Ronald Alan Karasic wrote that a laceration was visible on Williams’ chest.”
  • Williams also alleged that “[t]hroughout our relationship since early 2007, [Suggs] has punched me in the face and stomach and threatened to take the children from me if I left him. He stole my ID so I could not leave.”
  • Three years later, Williams asked for yet another protective order. This was again given by the judge, who deemed Suggs, again, enough of a threat to be dangerous to Williams and the children.
  • Williams alleged that Suggs “punched her in the neck and drove a car containing their two children at a ‘high rate of speed’ while she was being dragged alongside.” Williams’ request for a protective order was granted, and as a consequence Suggs was ordered to give up his firearms. Under Maryland law, “a judge is authorized to order someone to surrender firearms if they find there are reasonable grounds to believe the person seeking a protective order has been abused.’’

Translation of all of that? On two occasions, judges deemed that there was grounds to believe Suggs was abusive to his (now) wife and children, and posed a dangerous threat to them.

Think about that for a second.

Twice, Suggs has been in front of a judge and both times the judge has decided that he was abusive and dangerous.

It’s important to note that at no point has Suggs apologized for his acts. I am not going to put the words alleged-acts in there, because his main offence, in my view, is intimidating a woman and a child to the point that the law has had to be involved on several occasions. People, that should be enough. Suggs has never apologized for his acts, and interestingly he has never denied them either. Search through his carefully constructed comments around these sad incidents, Suggs never once actually denies he did any of the things he has been accused of doing to his (now) wife and child.

If you are innocent, you deny the allegations, right?

Suggs can hide behind carefully chosen words, no doubt constructed in the presence of an expensively assembled legal team, but he can’t hide from the trail of damage he’s leaving behind him. Obviously you would hope that he is done abusing and intimidating women and children, you would hope that in the strongest fashion. Maybe he is a changed man. However, next time you see a story lauding this individual, just remember the double restraining orders, and the chilling stories involving bleach and being dragged from cars, which, incredibly, Suggs has never denied.

Then see if you can get excited about whatever bullshit this creep is trying to sell you.