Des Bryant Video Reportedly 'Worse Than Rice' Recording

Rumours have been swirling for days and now the first meatier morsels are falling, things are about to get very, very complicated for Dallas star Dez Bryant.

For years the NFL neglected to tackle the thorny issue of domestic abuse and violent behaviour amidst its ranks. The Ray Rice situation exploded on them and the NFL front office scrambled to put process in place, years too late of course. The fall-out continues to land in their laps, however.  Now it appears Dallas star Dez Bryant is about to become a major headache for the Cowboys and indeed the NFL.

Rumours have been circulating for days about a very serious video existing, purporting to show Bryant doing something naughty. Finally some noted reporters are confirming that the tape does indeed exist, and more details are emerging as to what’s going on in same.

It appears that some nefarious dark characters from Bryant’s past have video footage of him punching a woman, and they are offering that video around to the highest bidder. Essentially Bryant appears to be caught in the middle of an extortion sting. This does not make him a victim, we should remember. If Bryant did punch someone, this is all on him. People need to remember that as they rush to defend the Dallas star.

Back to the video.

As per Terez Owens, a sports rumor blog, allegedly there’s video surveillance footage of Bryant punching a woman at a Dallas-area Wal-Mart. While Bryant’s former friends (and current extortionists) shop the video around, several screen grabs have been sent to sports media outlets. Many of those have confirmed they exist, and they show exactly what they are reported to show. Adam Schefter of ESPN has been working on this story since last September and although he won’t confirm the video exists, he is telling people to 'check back later' with him on the story. He certainly isn't denying the story outright.

One of those media outlets who have been sent the screen grabs has said;
“it’s five times worse than the Ray Rice video.”

So far the NFL and Dallas have denied they know about the video. That tactic didn't work out so well for the NFL during the Ray Rice situation, so you can bet that if anything does turn up they will change their tune faster than you can say 'Life time suspension'

Naturally Cowboy Nation is up in arms defending its star player, attacking anyone online who even suggests there might be a video about to come out. To those star-crossed Bryant lovers we would ask, if there is no video, then why all the smoke? If there is no video, why have Dallas withdrawn rather visibly from contract negotiations with Bryant? If there is no video why doesn’t Bryant come out and defend himself, instead of posting cryptic social media messages such as the below (a couple of days ago as rumours of the video began to swirl).

If Bryant is being shaken-down, that's bad, sure. However, it's still not as bad as a grown man punching a woman, whatever the circumstances. Bryant would be doing himself a huge favour if he were to come out and deny the accusations.

The fact he won't leave the situation wide open to interpretation, and leaves Bryant very exposed. As Adam Schefter suggested, stay tuned to this one, it's about to explode.