Have You Heard The One About The Two Irish Lads That Snuck Into The Superbowl?

This sounds like the start of a bad joke, but, did you hear the one about the two Irish lads that snuck into the Superbowl? It’s true, and it’s as simple as it sounds, at first sight anyway. Two young Irish lads basically snuck into the Superbowl on the weekend. They enjoyed the game from various VIP areas, met a few interesting people (including Patriots legend Lawyer Milloy) and even got a VIP bus back to their hotel after. 

''Hey did you hear the one about the two Irish guys...?''

All 100% free. No tickets. No nothing.

Lovely, good for them.

There are a couple of problems with this, however. First of all, they might be enjoying their 15 minutes of fame and having a great laugh about this, however there will be ramifications with their actions. Not just for them (more on that shortly) but for the people they are busy showing up on the talk show and other interview circuits.

In their quotes, which I’m not going to give air-time to but you can read here, they are very detailed as to how and who they slipped by to gain entry. Hilarious, sure, but you can bet your bottom dollar that the people that have been referred to in great detail by these two ‘lads’ are going to pay for their fun-time with their jobs. You can bet the NFL security heads will sack everyone and anyone who allowed these idiots entry into the game.

Idiots? Yes, idiots. By all means, go for it, you want to have a great time, for free, at the Superbowl, and you are willing to take the extensive risks these clowns took, go for it. However, for the love of God, don’t spout on about it after the event, don’t go showing people up and causing problems for them after you have gone and had your good time.

Further to this, you think the NFL are going to take this lying down? Let’s just say, it will be interesting to see what happens the next time these two clowns try to board a flight to the USA. The NFL is a powerful and sometimes vindictive organisation. They have friends in high places.

It’s great these two guys had such a blast, and everyone’s having a good giggle about it today.

It’s just a shame they have to mouth off about it now, and endanger people’s livelihoods in the process.