About Last Night: Long's Late Goal Rocks The House

Ireland grabbed a late, late, late equaliser against Poland last night and very few could deny they deserved that, and perhaps more. Ireland were superb in the second half, constantly pining the Poles back in their own half, creating a number of chances and definitely playing the better football. Poland seemed to content to waste time and work on their diving game, which is pretty sharp as it is.

Thankfully Shane Long came to the rescue as the game slipped into added time. Here's some great footage of the big goal.

First, some great fan footage

Love the 'F**k sake' as the corner came across, initially looking a little long, and then the 'Alright Long!' just before Shane slotted it home.

I'm guessing this particular commentary team was Polish.

That's about as deadpan as you can get after a goal.

Here's some great footage of the cool-finish itself

Looking at it again (and again, and again) Long's first touch was sublime, he absolutely killed it stone dead, and his delicate finish was nothing short of beautiful. Unless of course you happen to be Polish.