An Open Letter To People Planning On Buying The Floyd Mayweather Fight

Dear potential Mayweather fight purchaser

Mayweather duing one of several court hearings for beating women.

I’ve noticed a number of friends and people I know discussing the cost of purchasing the upcoming Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight, and going back and forth about how expensive it is ($100 essentially). In this day and age that’s a hefty price for a fight, however in this context in particular, it’s an astonishing amount of money to handover to a serial beater of women.

Let’s not beat around the bush here. Mayweather is a convicted, serial beater of women who expresses zero remorse for his actions.

If you are planning on purchasing the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight, just please understand that a percentage of your money will be going to a man who has been the instigator in dozens of serious incidents involving the serious, often life threatening, battering of women. A percentage of your hard earned cash money will be going directly to him, the rest of your money will be going to groups that enable him.

Money is a God to many these days, and it is the fact he brings in so much money that keeps Floyd Mayweather out of trouble with those who prosper from his fights.

The only way Floyd Mayweather will ever be brought down, as he fully deserves to be, will be if advertisers (money) walk away from his fights. Until that day, he will continue to be a massive cash pony for the boxing powers-that-be and therefore the rest of us will have to suffer through the reprehensible circus act that is a Floyd Mayweather fight.

Perhaps you, the potential buyer of the fight, are not fully versed in the litany of horrors that makes up Mayweather’s treatment of women. Please, do not ignore the evidence, the firm and serious evidence that the media at large is ignoring (remember, he makes money, they make money, you don’t get to hear the full story as you should).

Thankfully, not everyone is Mayweather’s lap-dog.

‘’Floyd Mayweather's history of misogyny, expressed—as he is wont to do—through violence, is well-documented and reprehensible. It extends over a dozen years and includes at least seven separate physical assaults on five different women that resulted in arrest or citation, as well as several other instances where the police had to be summoned in response to an actual or perceived threat from Mayweather.’’

His disgraceful history of violence is covered in great detail in this excellent Deadspin article. It makes for depressing and indeed scary reading. Once you complete it, if you make it all the way through, a decent person finds themselves wondering, 'How on earth is this monster allowed exist and indeed prosper in the public domain?'

Most cretins of Mayweather's ilk are behind bars. Others are on the run, others are in litigation. Mayweather is out among us, and making a lot of money while existing in the public domain. He is enabled by the people who make money off of him but perhaps most importantly he is enabled by you, the person who is spending his or her hard earned money on a Mayweather pay-for-view fight.

It doesn’t sound nice to hear that, does it? If you buy his fight you are though, you are enabling Mayweather’s continued, uninterrupted, unhindered existence in the entertainment industry, and you are essentially saying you are okay with someone beating a woman up, as long as he’s entertaining when you want him to be.

You have the power to shut this nasty misogynist down.  He doesn’t deserve your money, he doesn’t deserve your time.

It might take some time before the true Mayweather raises his head again, but you can bet he will. Don’t regret putting money directly in his pocket when that time comes.