Guess How Many Runs The Red Sox Have Given Up So Far?

The Boston Red Sox have had a pretty strange start to the season. They have hit the ball just fine, they are 2nd in the entire MLB with 109 runs scored (trailing only the free swinging Blue Jays and their 116 runs). That’s the good news, the bad news is, the pitching has been pure garbage.


The Red Sox are dead last in Major League Baseball in runs conceded, having given up a whopping 118 runs to this point (by contrast the Cardinals, a team that has a few guys who can throw strikes, have given up a stingy 50 runs so far). 118 runs, after only 21 games! Good gravy. Pedro Martinez is rolling around unhappily under his Mango Tree somewhere in the Dominican.

The Sox are giving up 5.6 runs a game on average, and perhaps most garishly of all, they are on a pace to concede 910 runs this season.

This is not how the Front Office drew it up, and change has to come fast before this becomes a lost season. The AL East is going to be much more competitive than expected and if Boston wants to even sniff the playoffs this season there has to be a major upgrade in the pitching department. Both the rotation and the bullpen need shots in the arm.

Or, just, new arms, either.

There's simply no hiding from the fact Boston are the worst team in baseball in terms of runs conceded. Every single team is better than them at stopping the opposition from scoring.

Change has to come, fast. The Sox didn't spend big bucks on the prime of Sandoval, Ramirez to become a high scoring softball team that can't keep the ball in the park on the defensive side. They also don't want to waste what looks to be very promising years for Pedroia and Ortiz, amongst others.

The bad news is 118 runs after only 21 games. The good news is, the Sox have a pretty smart Front Office, and this horrible start will no doubt usher in the required changes faster than expected.


Jack French said…
Barnicle on Baseball's awesome infographic on the Red Sox. Enjoy!