Relax: Red Sox Have Zero Motivation To Trade Mookie Betts

Relax Red Sox Nation. Markus Lynn "Mookie" Betts isn’t going anywhere.

Mookie Betts

The simple fact of the matter is the Sox have basically zero motivation to trade Betts. Someone else of a lower value, sure, but Betts, not a chance. He has been in the Sox system for 4 years now and a lot of time and effort has gone into his development. He has adjusted to each level along the way and has been an impact player at every stop. It is positively scary how quickly the young man has adjusted to the Major Leagues and his start at the plate and in the field in 2015 has been absolutely seismic.  He is a rare, relatively cheap, very young, durable and seemingly super-coachable, 5-tool player.

It would not make any sense for the Red Sox to trade Betts. Much of the noise around this suggestion is coming from rabid social media types and blogs basing their ideas on whimsical, flimsy speculation.

The sporting media will do anything to sell papers get hits and that’s why they were trying to sell us a 'controversy’ around Victorino and Betts, however Betts himself has been hugely complimentary of the hobbled veteran, saying he has been extremely friendly and helpful, giving Hanley Ramirez and Betts plenty of advice on playing the outfield and other elements.

From Betts;

“Since Day 1, he’s been helping me and the first time I met him in Triple-A, I’ve been asking him questions and ever since then I ask him some questions,”

At the end of the day, the Red Sox Front Office would need to be motivated to trade Betts. However, no matter how hard you dig it’s impossible to find that motivation. Betts is just too young, too cheap, too valuable and simply too damn good to trade as things stand.

Besides, there’s plenty of other pieces available to Boston to trade in for a pitcher down the road.

Just not Mookie, he isn’t going anywhere.