The Amazing Bradley Lowery

Next time you’re sitting there worrying about something trivial, spare a thought for Bradley Lowery.

Bradley and the Sunderland mascot
Bradley, an incredible young man, is suffering from neuroblastoma, a cancer which attacks the nervous system. He has been fighting it for over 3 years now and has had some tough news from doctors recently, suggesting further treatment might be unsuccessful. Incredibly, Bradley, a huge Sunderland fan, has kept a warm smile on his face throughout the prolonged treatment. He’s a glowing young man, with an infectious grin, and he’s touching hearts and minds all over the football and extended World.

The outpouring of empathy for Bradley, from all corners, is a sight to behold, and hopefully something that keeps him and his family going, in their steep climb up a seemingly insurmountable hill.

Bradley meets Irish star Seamus Coleman

The support for Bradley’s fight kicked into a new gear in September, when Sunderland faced Everton in the Premier League. Sunderland had (and have continued to) done some great things with raising support for Bradley, and when Everton got involved, it seemed to really raise the levels of awareness around the UK and indeed globally. Everton deserve considerable praise for raising $200,000 towards the 5-year old’s cause.

Here’s Bradley on that matchday. If you’re a Dad, it gets hard to watch from the 50 second mark.

Maybe the thing about the footballing element is the way it has brought the absolute best out from our footballing idols. Sure, we love them, and our hopes and dreams rise and fall with them, but, try being a Sunderland fan, it’s tough work lately! However, Bradley’s fight has brought the best out of Sunderland’s players, and indeed from opposition players and teams. More than ‘the best’, it has brought empathy, humanity and touching shows of support on a grand scale.

Figures from across football have come to his support. There’s been terrific messages of support from Robbie Fowler, John Terry, Alan Shearer and many others. Check out some of the mentions on Bradley’s Twitter account.

I believe Bradley is getting all this attention from footballing icons and role models (and of course fans) because he himself is a role model. He’s a force of nature, remaining positive, happy and dignified despite the road blocks life has put in front of him.

He’s an amazing little man.

More about Bradley

Bradley’s family have a website which you can visit here, and you can find out more about the little guy there or indeed make donations towards his brave fight.

They also have a Facebook page here, where the brave family provide updates on the treatment he’s getting and also the support from around the World.

They are also on Twitter here.

You can also send your best wishes to Bradley at the below address. The great lad himself has asked for as many Christmas cards as possible.
  • Bradley's fight C/O 5 Attlee Avenue Blackhall rocks Hartlepool TS27 4BY.
Bradley Lowery