The Boston Irish NFL picks – Week 6

The Boston Irish NFL picks – Week 6
NFL Week 5 results 8-6
Season to date 45-31

Seattle Seahawks @ Chicago Bears
Really impressive road win by the Bears last week. Sure it was Carolina, and there are plenty of NCAA teams that would give those chug monkeys a run for their money right now, but a road win in the NFL is still worthy of some credit. What was special about it, was the Bears did it with a QB (Todd Collins) that probably wouldn't make the cut on one of those old NFL Europe teams. Meanwhile, Seattle are absolutely brutal on the road. The only thing they have going for them right now is that admittedly fantastic home field advantage. On the road, they are just another bunch of guys. The Bears can keep their good vibe going by bullying this sorry lot into submission.
Pick: Chicago Bears 28-9
A little something extra for the weekend, Sir?: Don't screw around, nothing fancy, get things started with a Bears touchdown as the first scoring play (5/4)

Miami Dolphins @ Green Bay Packers
Not one to spend too much time agonizing over. Have you watched Miami play lately? They were brutal against both the Jets and the Patriots. Green Bay have issues of their own however have too much talent and firepower for this incarnation of Miami.
Pick: Green Bay Packers 34-17
A little something extra for the weekend, Sir?: Highest scoring half - second half @ 10/11. Miami have been starting their games hard, then slumping late.

San Diego Chargers @ St Louis Rams
Yes, yes, yes, we know, the Chargers have been absolutely stinking brutal on the road so far, with that ugly 0-3 road record hanging around their neck like a necklace made of bad French cheese. However, this week they have the perfect antidote to their travel sickness. The St Louis Rams ladies and gents, making teams like Detroit look good since, oh since about, last week. The Rams are simply not good enough to expose the Chargers weaknesses. If Detroit hang 44 points on you, then what are the Chargers going to do to you?
Pick: San Diablo 52-13
A little something extra for the weekend, Sir?: San Diego to win by 43 points or more (50/1) Just in case...

Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots
The Patriots have won 12 straight regular season games at home. The Patriots are fully rested, coming off a bye week, and Belichick has had ample time to get a game plan ready for this one. Hey, there's no doubt about it, the Ravens are a good team. They have a chance to be pretty special actually. The problem for them is, they are going into a place that not many teams come out with a win from. Still in doubt? The Patriots have won seven straight coming off a bye week. Add all that up and you really shouldn't even still be thinking about this!
Pick: New England Patriots 24-21
A little something extra for the weekend, Sir?: Patriots to win by 1-6 points (10/3)

Detroit Lions @ New York Giants
Quick one for you, what team is leading the NFC with 25 points a game? Well? Detroit. No, seriously. That's why 10.5 points is too big a spread. It's not just that, look at the teams Detroit has kept it close against, the Packers, the Eagles. Detroit will get up and down the field. The Giants, at home, playing well, should find a way to win, but stay away from the handicap.
Pick: New York Giants 33-30
A little something extra for the weekend, Sir?: Detroit +10.5 (10/11), Just too many points.

Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles
The Falcons continue to win, sometimes ugly, but the end result is the same. The Eagles are, to say the least, up and down. That loss to the 'Skins was worrying, if you are an Eagles fan or backer. Looking for some convincing? Matt Ryan v Kevin Kolb. Who are you going to back from those two? That's right.
Pick: Atlanta Falcons 23-20
A little something extra for the weekend, Sir?: Atlanta to score over 19.5 points (evs)

Cleveland Browns @ Pittsburgh Steelers
One team welcomes back a perennial Pro Bowl QB, the other starts a raw rookie (Colt McCoy). The Browns are actually not as bad as they look though, they have lost a couple of close ones, and the 14 points on the board at the moment are not something you should get tangled up in. Probably best avoided from a gambling perspective.
Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17
A little something extra for the weekend, Sir?: Peyton Hills any time touchdown scorer (3/2)

New Orleans Saints @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Who knew Reggie Bush was actually that integral? Tampa are playing 'downhill' at the moment, working hard and improving weekly. The Saints have a few bullets and plenty of pride left though, and can sneak out of Tampa with a win.
Pick: New Orleans Saints 24-21
A little something extra for the weekend, Sir?: New Orleans to win by 1-6 points 7/2

Kansas City Chiefs @ Houston Texans
Kansas are trending upwards slowly but surely and have some decent young players on their roster, however it's very hard to make a case for Matt Cassell as 'the guy'. He looked pretty awful against the Colts, at one stage he threw 9 incompletions in a row. Houston, meanwhile, are very up and down, struggling for consistency. The heat will subside a little this week with a home game against a team that is working slowly towards being a decent squad.
Pick: Houston Texans 34-20
A little something extra for the weekend, Sir?: Love this one, Houston/Houston half time/full time, 5/6. Get on!

New York Jets @ Denver Broncos
Just a feeling, but the Jets are due a banana skin and Denver has never, ever been an easy place to go and get a win.
Pick: Denver Broncos 27-24
A little something extra for the weekend, Sir?: Denver to score more than 19 points (5/6)

Oakland Raiders @ San Francisco 49ers
What in blazes, how on earth is the line a full touchdown for this one? Has anybody actually watched the 49ers 'play' football this season to date? They are struggling to even get the plays in to the huddle, let alone execute them. Oakland are no world beaters themselves but you can bet they will play hard and be close enough come the final gun. They always say, when taking points, only take them if you think your 'dog' can actually win the game. Check. I think my dog can win the game. Imagine the turmoil in San Fran after this one! Heads gonna roll..
Pick: Oakland Raiders 23-21
A little something extra for the weekend, Sir?: Maximise your dogs value! Oakland/Oakland half time and full time, a whopping 5/1

Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings
What's the over/under for interceptions in this one? Favre and Romo have combined for twelve so far this season, goodness gracious, twelve! We aren't even in week seven yet! Favre looked old last week, real old, which shouldn't come as a surprise because, yes, he is old. Romo? Just another typical day at the office. He threw for 400 yards with three interceptions against a banged up Tennessee secondary. Dallas might actually be a more talented and deeper team, but just a feeling on this one, the Vikings D steps it up at home and sends Dallas into that 1-4 chasm, and keeps the Vikes faint hopes alive.
Pick: Minnesota Vikings 30-27
A little something extra for the weekend, Sir?: That over/under is too low for two teams that are going to be slinging the ball around in a desperate attempt to throw picks. Over 43.5 at 10/11

Indianapolis Colts @ Washington Redskins
The 'Skins have ruffled a few feathers by beating the Eagles and Green Bay back to back, however, I don't think either of those are in the same class as the Colts.
Pick: Indianapolis Colts 30-24
A little something extra for the weekend, Sir?: Joseph Addai first touchdown scorer 8/1

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars
The Titans ripped off eight straight at the end of last season once they got going. This is where it starts for them this time round.
Pick: Tennessee Titans 27-20
A little something extra for the weekend, Sir?: Vince Young to score at any time (11/2)