The Boston Irish NFL picks – Week 7

The Boston Irish NFL picks – Week 7
NFL Week 6 results 8-6
Season to date 53-37

Cincinnati Bengals @ Atlanta Falcons
Confidence doesn’t seem to be exactly overflowing in the Bengals camp, not if Chad Ochocinco’s post game quote last week is anything to go by, "The panic button is going to get hit," – doesn’t sound good! Atlanta lost a poor one on the road last week but they didn’t turn into a bad team just like that. The Falcons have won 11 straight home games, meanwhile The Bengals have lost six of seven on the road dating to last season, the lone victory coming in Week 3 against winless Carolina. The Bengals season is collapsing around them, undoubtedly they will put up a fight, but the Falcons have something to prove too, after losing last week.
The pick: Atlanta Falcons 23-17
A little something for the weekend, sir? – Atlanta/Atlanta half time/full time (evs)

Washington Redskins @ Chicago Bears
Jay Cutler has been sacked 15 times in the last two games. Simply horrific. The Bears offensive line is parting like the Red Sea and Cutler can't take a battering like that much longer. They key here might be Chicago running the ball more with Matt Forte. The 'Skins gave up 170 yards on the ground last week to a very mundane Colts running game. Forte can rip them to shreds. This would also stop Cutler from getting smacked around. Look for Forte to establish himself, and Cutler to hit some long balls off of play action from that. The Skins offense, meanwhile, could struggle to get things going against a very good Bears defence. Particularly on the road.
The pick: Chicago 28-13
A little something for the weekend, sir? - Matt Forte to score a touchdown anytime (evs)

Philadelphia Eagles @ Tennessee Titans
Two key elements here, a very banged up Falcons secondary made Kevin Kolb look like the second coming of Dan Marino last week, however, did you see Tennessee’s pass rush on Monday night? Scary stuff. Who's the Eagles third string behind Vick? Better find out now 'cause we might get to see him with the way the Titans pass rush beats up QBs. Kolb, when he is not running for his life, won't see DeSean Jackson downfield either, he's out with concussion. The Titans are finding ways to win ugly. With the best pass rush in the NFL going against the second worst sacked offensive line, no reason for that trend not to continue.
The pick: Tennessee Titans 21-17
A little something for the weekend, sir? - Tennessee to win by 1-6 points (3/1)

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Kansas City Chiefs
How good a job is Romeo Crennell doing in Kansas as defensive coordinator? The Chiefs are giving up 50 fewer yards per game this season than in 2009. That's impressive. Meanwhile, the Jaguars come into this game not knowing who is going to play QB for them. Their 27th ranked defence is not going to scare the Chiefs one bit either. Kansas has already taken care of San Diego and San Francisco and will dispose of the Jags too.
The pick: Kansas City Chiefs 24-20
A little something for the weekend, sir? - Maurice Jones Drew to score a touchdown at anytime (6/5)

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Miami Dolphins
Don’t get too suckered in by Miami's road win against Green Bay last week. The Packers basically did everything they could to hand Miami that one, as they did the previous week against the Eagles. Miami, to their credit, did take advantage. However, don't forget too soon the very bad losses in previous weeks to the Jets and Patriots. The Steelers fall more into that category of those teams than the injury ravaged Packers. Another factor here could be the ignorant comments Miami Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder made during the week, saying he will be going out to hurt people. Whatever you think about the Steelers, they are definitely a very, very tight unit and they will see this as a challenge to their manhood. Watch for the Steelers to play with great intensity and aggression.
The pick: Pittsburgh Steelers 24-20
A little something for the weekend, sir? - Pittsburgh to win by 1-6 points (3/1)

Cleveland Browns at New Orleans Saints
A completely raw rookie shorn of his best weapons starting against the Superbowl champions. Yikes. Colt McCoy might be missing Josh Cribbs and Mohamed Massaquoi who were knocked out of Sunday's game with concussions. The news doesn't get better for the Brownies on the D side of the ball either, they'll be without two key linemen for the rest of the season. Meanwhile, the Saints got a little bit of their mojo back last week. All things considered, as hard as the Browns have played in their close losses earlier this season, injuries are starting to catch up on them and the Saints should have no problem putting them away.
The pick: New Orleans Saints 44-17
A little something for the weekend, sir? - Chris Ivory first touchdown scorer (8/1)

St Louis Rams @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
You could have got pretty good odds on these two combining for six wins by week six. The Rams have been perhaps a little more impressive, however the absolute stinker they laid in Detroit two weeks ago should send potential backers running screaming to the hills. More of a hunch than anything, the young, talented Buccaneers find a way to win at home in front of their fans. If in any doubt, just check the box score from the Rams/Detroit game!!
The pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers 26-23
A little something for the weekend, sir? - Over 38 points (5/6)

San Francisco 49ers @ Carolina Panthers
Finally, the 49ers have their first win. They couldn't have cherry picked a better opponent to follow that win up against. Carolina have flip-flopped back to original starter Matt Moore at QB for this game. Have they already forgotten how bad Moore was early on? The 49ers may be dysfunctional, but they have more talent at all positions than the Panthers can dream of right now.
The pick: San Francisco 49ers 24-10
A little something for the weekend, sir? - Total San Fran points - over 19 (5/6)

Buffalo Bills @ Baltimore Ravens
The unfortunate Bills are standing in the way of one very angry Ravens team. Get the backup QBs ready, Buffalo! The Ravens have the motivation (last week’s high profile loss) to come out and really smack a fundamentally awful Bills team right in the mouth. They have the offence to score plenty against the Bills and the defence to completely shut them down. This could be very one sided.
The pick: Baltimore Ravens 42-13
A little something for the weekend, sir? - Baltimore to win by 43 points or more (16-1)

Arizona Cardinals @ Seattle Seahawks
Should be interesting to see how rookie Max Hall reacts to probably the loudest, most vociferous home crowd in the NFL. Seattle are very hard to beat at home, as Arizona will find out this week.
The pick: Seattle Seahawks 30-21
A little something for the weekend, sir? - Beanie Wells any time touchdown - he's due (21/10)

Oakland Raiders @ Denver Broncos
Third string QB alert!! If the Raiders are reduced to third string Kyle Boller, you have to believe their chances go out the window. Add to that the fact they are going to a place where visiting teams traditionally struggle, Denver, and you have to edge towards the home side here. The Raiders have lost four straight on the road, and Denver know they can get back in the playoff race with a win. All signs point towards them getting that.
The pick: Denver Broncos 36-16
A little something for the weekend, sir? - First touchdown type - rushing (8/5)

New England Patriots @ San Diego Chargers
Seemingly every year the Chargers start off slow, but right now every single NFL pundit is tripping over themselves to pick them as a 'come-back' team to watch for in the second half of the season. The problem is, have you seen how soft the Chargers early schedule was, and against that all they managed was a pathetic 2-4 record? Their four losses have come to teams that went a combined 15-49 in 2009. Losing to those teams is nothing short of pathetic for a side with as much talent as the Chargers. This game is a tough situation for San Diego. All the pressure is on Norv Turner and his team. Turner has to produce results ‘yesterday’. The Patriots are effectively playing with house money, with big wins in the bag already. However, there is a bit of history between these two teams, they really don't like each other and you can bet Bill Belichick will hammer that home all week long to his Patriots. The New England offence looks completely re-energized by the Moss trade, as if they have been freed of a weight. Brady looks very comfortable with Branch/Welker/Tate as 'his guys' and the play calling was very mixed and creative against Baltimore. Once again, all the pressure is on Turner and the Chargers, the Patriots can relax and go in and play their game. Traditionally the Chargers build a hole for themselves and then come back in the second half of the season, sure, but traditions are there to be ended, and the Patriots can jam a serious monkey wrench into the Chargers season with a hard fought win this coming Sunday.
The pick: New England 30-27
A little something for the weekend, sir? - Total Patriots points over 22 (5/6)

Minnesota Vikings @ Green Bay Packers
If you break it down to its most basic, this game essentially sees a beaten up 41 year old QB returning to his former team in a high pressure environment, with the home team desperately needing a statement win after a couple of poor showings. It is very hard to see anything but a very aggressive Green Bay defence pressuring Favre into mistakes and Rodgers pushing his team to a big win against his former Obi Wan Kenobi.
The pick: Green Bay Packers 34-24
A little something for the weekend, sir? - First score of game Green Bay touchdown (7/4)

New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys
The porous, injury depleted Dallas offensive line against that psycho Giants pass rush? Tony Romo throwing the ball up in the air under pressure? The Giants swept Dallas last season, and they have the tools to beat them in Dallas, and perhaps force the Cowboys into some serious changes.
The pick: New York Giants 33-30
A little something for the weekend, sir? - NYG defence to score any time (7/2)