The Boston Irish NFL picks – Week 9

The Boston Irish NFL picks – Week 9
NFL Week 8 results 10-4
Season to date 73-45

Who amongst us can claim to understand streaks? Why do teams and or players get hot? Why is it that the batter can go through a period where every pitch, even the nastiest forkball, looks the size of a massive grapefruit? How is it that during a hot stretch a good QB can put the pigskin on a dime from 70 yards? Why is this important? Because, much fun as it was to go 20-8 the last two weeks, I am well aware this week, or any time soon, the streak will end and a nasty looking 5-9 is waiting just around the corner. I guess the trick is to enjoy the ride while it lasts, right? And, even when the streak ends, I will always have this Jaguars pick last week against Dallas.


Buccaneers @ Falcons
Josh Freeman and Matt Ryan, two good young gunslingers, two upward trending teams. The problem for the Buccaneers is, so far they have been beating the bad teams. The teams with winning records? Not so much. The Falcons should be too good for them at home, however this may be closer than many suspect.
The pick: Falcons 24-20
A little something for the weekend, sir? – Falcons to win by 1-6 points (9/2)

Bears @ Bills
The Bears are simply not as bad as the national sporting media wants them to be. For whatever reason, pundits love poking fun at Jay Cutler and Lovie Smith. They have, however, played some decent football this season. The much maligned Mike Martz offensive scheme is definitely experiencing some turbulence, but the Bears have the weapons to hurt anyone. The Bills? They are fast turning into lovable losers. No reason to see that change this week.
The pick: Bears 33-30
A little something for the weekend, sir? – Take the 'Over' which is way too low at 40 points. (10/11)

Patriots @ Browns
Potential banana peel here for the Patriots, however that in itself should give you all the clues you need for this one. No way in blazes that Belichick and his staff let his young team slip up, not after working so hard to make the summit of the East. Brady, Belichick and co will not want to give the divisional lead up to the Jets, and should be fully focused against a Browns team that is working hard at improving. The Patriots, however, are really starting to find some traction and should be too good on the day.
The pick: Patriots 28-21
A little something for the weekend, sir? – Patriots -4.5 (10/11) - You will not be seeing many lines this low for the Patriots against, sorry Cleveland, lower echelon teams going forward.

Jets @ Lions

What is it they say, when you are on a good streak, ride it until it breaks? Those of you who follow this column know that we see the Lions as fast-improving team for the future. They can hit you from all angles, and when facing third and long, Matthew Stafford can simply chuck it as far as he can chuck, and the athletic-freak that Calvin Johnson is, can go up and get it. Heck, Johnson made Shaun Hill look like a decent QB for a few weeks! The Lions are really starting to kick it into gear, whilst the Jets are licking their wounds after losing to Green Bay last week. You know where this is going..
The pick: Lions 27-24
A little something for the weekend, sir? – Total Lions points - over 18.5 (10/11)

Cardinals @ Vikings
I was just thinking, what is Matt Leinart up to these days? Think Arizona, or even the Vikings would like to have him to stabilise a very shaky QB situation? Don't laugh at the Vikings comment. Do you honestly think Favre is finishing this season standing up? This is a fairly putrid matchup. The Vikings, at home and basically desperate for the win, can shade it.
The pick: Vikings 19-13
A little something for the weekend, sir? – Fourth quarter to be the highest scoring quarter - (17/10)

Saints @ Panthers
The Saints picked a good time to show us they still had a pulse, and they only did it against one of the NFL's better sides, the Steelers. Meanwhile, the Panthers are basically just playing out the string. The Saints battered Ben Roethlisburger last week, and Matt Moore is about to get the same treatment..
The pick: Saints 34-13
A little something for the weekend, sir? – First touchdown type; Passing (9/10)

Dolphins @ Ravens
The road warriors, the Dolphins, with their snazzy unbeaten run, take a trip into one of the tougher stadiums in the NFL, where the bruising Ravens are waiting. Major wrinkle in this one? The Ravens are well rested after a bye week, and Joe Flacco gets Donte Stallworth, back from injury, as a new weapon to his arsenal. Too much power laying, rested, in wait, and Miami were due a market correction on that road win streak anyway.
The pick: Ravens 34-24
A little something for the weekend, sir? – Total points over 40 (10/11) - the bookies know the Ravens can score, plenty, right? They have seen them play, haven't they? How is this line so low?!

Chargers @ Texans
That was a particularly insipid and worrying display the Texans put forth against the Colts last week. The Chargers will have no mercy. Phillip Rivers is on a mission to break the passing yardage record and the Houston back line is suitably pathetic.
The pick: Chargers 36-27
A little something for the weekend, sir? – San Diego to be ahead at half time and full time (evs)

Giants @ Seahawks
This would be an interesting matchup if the Hawks weren't so badly beaten up in terms of injuries. Hopefully Matt Hasselback has health insurance. He is going to get pummelled behind a completely injury-devastated offensive line, against this pass rush.
The pick: Giants 27-16
A little something for the weekend, sir? – Total Giants points - over 23 (10/11)

Chiefs @ Raiders
Who could have thought the Raiders hosting the Patriots West would be such an intriguing matchup half way through the NFL season? Apart from a handful of rowdy Raiders fans and the Kansas owner, seriously, did anyone think these guys would be talking playoffs? Finally, how can you pick against the Raiders on their current streak? I certainly can't.
The pick: Raiders 21-17
A little something for the weekend, sir? – First touchdown type; Rushing (7/5)

Colts @ Eagles
What's the point in picking against Peyton Manning? He was throwing to an insurance salesman, a milkman and a garbage collector off the streets last week, and still won. Okay, slight exaggeration, but, almost!
The pick: Colts 34-30
A little something for the weekend, sir? – Colts to win half time/full time - (15/8)

Cowboys @ Packers
Who are these Cowboys you speak of? Are they an expansion team, or something? Meanwhile, the Packers went into New York last week and did something very manly, in shutting out the loudmouth Jets. No need to over think this one. The Packers, at home in front of their rabid fans, catch the scent of a wounded animal, and yes, they finish the job.
The pick: Packers 42-17
A little something for the weekend, sir? – First half handicap - Green Bay -2.5 (10/11)

Steelers @ Bengals
The Steelers have to be angry after last weeks loss. That's not good news for The Bungles.
The pick: Steelers 30-21
A little something for the weekend, sir? – Who on earth thought there would be less than 40 points in this game? Over 40 points (10/11)


Don't worry about Hasslebeck today, he's inactive. Whitehurst might get hurt bad, tho...