Celtics Captain Paul Pierce and the World Series of Poker - day one

Forget ‘The ring’. Paul Pierce wants a new bracelet. A World Series of Poker bracelet, to be specific. The Celtics captain entered the World Series of Poker Main Event and has performed admirably from the start. Pierce, who’s previous poker undocumented poker experience amounted to some house games and video poker has already outlasted other stars who were knocked out early on. Ray Romano went bust shortly into day one of the event. Pierce had approximately $70,000 in chips late Saturday, absolutely an above average stack and will look to make more Monday.

ESPN.com poker columnist Andrew Feldman analyzed Pierce's performance at the table and reports that The Truth knows his cards.
"Since the start of the day, Pierce's chip counts have consistently been on the way up," writes Feldman. "He's been focused on the task at hand, quietly keeping to himself and offering a more serious demeanor at the table."

Feldman continued to say;
"After spending some time watching him play, it's clear that he's comfortable. With headphones on, he acts with precision, but his general demeanor is intimidating and adds an element to his game that not many others possess."

No word as yet as to how Pierce is getting on playing the afterhours blackjack tables!

The general consensus from several observers is that Pierce is blending in seamlessly with the other participants. As much as a gigantic NBA star can do so, anyway. Pierce is apparently keeping to himself, but you can bet his decision to wear his NBA Championship is a well thought out and frankly brilliant tactic. You want to go all in with a guy wearing that?

It’s a far cry from draining threes, but Pierce has so far proved he belongs at the event, dealing with conviction and no little skill on ‘The Felt’.



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