Superbowl 46 Giants @ Patriots: Betting preview

Here it comes. One of the World’s greatest sporting events is just around the corner. The Superbowl will be exploding on to your big screen TVs this coming Sunday night February 5th around 11 pm Irish time. Superbowl 46 (or Superbowl XLVI for you Latin lovers out there) is absolutely dripping with intrigue and drama. It is a repeat of Superbowl 42 where the 10-1 underdog Giants caused a major upset by shocking New England 17-14.

This current Giants team is riding a Tsunami wave of momentum, whilst the Patriots appear angry and itching for revenge. It is a heavyweight bout with a truckload of side stories. Will Tom Coughlin crack a smile if the Giants win? Just how high can Tom Brady squeal ‘We’re baaaack!’ if the Patriots win? What colour hoody is Bill Belichick going to go with?

The most important question for you, the punter, is naturally, ‘Where is my $ going?!”.
For the vanilla lovers in the audience there is match, handicap and total points betting. For the more adventurous tastes there is everything from winning margin to first coach’s challenge to first team to call a timeout (and back!).

The game itself is a tough one to call, and that is reflected in the relatively even match and handicap betting. The Giants are available at 23/20 while the Patriots can be lumped into at 8/11, should the mood take you. The handicap is one of the smallest, shortest margins in recent Superbowl history, the Patriots slightly favoured by the odds-makers at -2.5. If none of those options appeals, or if you are a neutral and you just fancy a high scoring shoot-out, then the total points market currently set at Over +55 points might appeal. You can nibble away at that at 10/11.

For the passionate, dedicated Giants fans (and those Jets fans that feel left out) there are plenty of appealing markets. You can grab Mario Manningham to score a touchdown anytime at 10/11 or you can get on Victor Cruz to pull in Over +83.5 passing yards at even money (not a bad option when you consider the Patriots young, inexperienced secondary).

If you believe that afore mentioned secondary is ready to break at any second, if you are a big Eli Manning fan, or if you are just a big fan of Quarterbacks who look permanently terrified, you will love the Player A Total Passing Yards market, with Eli Manning facing a hurdle of Over +315.5 at odds of 5/6.

Perhaps the most appealing action available to Giants fans, apart from match and handicap betting, is the 1st Half Away Team Total Points market. If you think the Giants are good for two first half touchdowns, or a first half touchdown combined with two field goals, or any other wacky combination adding up to 14 points or more, then get stuck into Over +13.5 at 5/6. Even most Patriot fans would consider that one.

Patriot Nation eagerly awaits this historic rematch. For some reason the odds-makers have Tom Brady at Over +307.5 in the Player B Total Passing Yards market. Maybe they mixed Eli and Brady up, or maybe they are Giants fans. Either way, if you think Brady is coming out firing, that could be the market for you. Brady has to hook up with a target for that to happen, and veteran Deion Branch looks tasty at 13/10 to score a touchdown anytime. Branch was a Superbowl MVP once, and knows his way into an endzone.

Betting on the Patriots running game is a risky venture however BenJarvus Green-Ellis looks decidedly underrated at Over +52.5 rushing yards. All he would need is one or two big rumbles and that yards total would crumble. If you are an extremely confident Patriots fan, and there are plenty of those about, New England can be taken on the Alternative Handicap market -7.5 points at an attractive 7/4.

For the more deluded of Patriots fans out there, or those who remember that stretch of wipe-out, lopsided score Superbowls, how about New England to win by 43 points or more, available at a juicy 200/1?

For me, the two most appealing markets of the night are slightly unusual. Chances are this game could come down to a field goal. If that’s the case, the Last Score of Match market should appeal. It is currently at Touchdown on 1/2 versus Field Goal/Safety at 6/4. Then there is the gem amongst the coal, in my opinion. Check out the Player B Total Rushing + Receiving Yds market, bearing in mind Rob Gronkowski, the part of the ‘HernandeGronk’ double act attracting most attention, is likely either to play hobbled, or not play at all, and Aaron Hernandez looks extremely appetizing at Over +82.5.

Good luck, and most of all, enjoy the big game.

Recommended bets:
  • Player B Total Rushing + Receiving Yds: Aaron Hernandez Over +82.5 5/6
  • Last Score of Match: Field Goal/Safety 6/4.
  • Player B Total Passing Yards market: Tom Brady Over +307.5 5/6
  • Anytime touchdown: Deion Branch 13/10