Red Sox early morning digest 15 Feb 07

Every morning before work I go through the online papers and pick out the best of the Boston Red Sox related articles in the Globe, Herald and many others so you can just sit there, point, click and read. Considering I am five hours ahead of the East Coast of the USA, I am posting this as most of your alarm clocks go off over there. Enjoy.

Straight to business, and the Boston Herald leads off

First up, congratulations to the Boston Celtics, who have finally stopped the rot

''That wind gust on Causeway Street around 9:45 p.m. was no meteorological mystery. It was the Celts performing a team exhalation.''

With the Red Stockings, Jeff Horrigan talks about Hansen being a strong possibility as the Sox closer in ''Closer look at Hansen? Retooled righty willing''

''Privately, however, some important members of the organization are quietly hoping that Craig Hansen or Manny Delcarmen steps forward this spring to seize the job, never to relinquish it for years to come. ''

Seeing as I made Hansen my 16th round/248th pick of the .406 Club Fantasy Baseball Dynasty Keeper League draft, I am quietly hoping the exact same thing!

Tony Massarotti chimes in with ''Still learning on the job'' where he leads with;

''More than two years removed the historic accomplishments of October 2004, the 33-year-old Epstein is entering his fifth season as general manager of the Red Sox. He is a married young man. And for the first time in his career, or, perhaps, his life, Epstein is coming off a professional year during which he was asked to answer for what went wrong.''

Jeff Horrigan proposes that the massive investment the Red Sox have put into Matsuzaka is already paying off and then pens the Herald's Red Sox notebook, noteable in particular for talking about JD Drew being physically added to the Red Sox roster

Finally, and perhaps most intriguingly, the Herald ventures, what if Mo were to talk out on the Yankees and come pitch for Boston? To me, Rivera is clearly simply upping his price by 'not saying no', it's an old game and you would think Red Sox fans would not be suckered in after the whole, ugly Bernie Williams saga in the nineties.

Behind enemy lines, the New York Post's George 'I love Pedro' King writes ''Lame Duck Torre Says He'll Manage''. Therein he comes out with this doozy;

'' If Steinbrenner, who has stepped back but will make the call on Torre's pinstriped future, doesn't bring him back, the Boss runs the risk of Torre landing in the Red Sox's dugout."

Apparently Boston doesn't have a World Series winning manager on board at the moment.

George King's 'Yankee Blog' opens with music to all Red Sox fans ears;

''The first day of Yankee workouts put the focus on how thin the club is in starting pitching.''

Nice! He adds;

'' After the first three, there is an ocean of questions. Carl Pavano’s recent medical history raises a huge red flag. On top of being unknown, Kei Igawa looks small compared to the other arms. To believe Pavano and Igawa will be the fourth and fifth starters all year is a reach.''

You don't say, really?

Finally in the Post, Joel Sherman asks, is this the ''LAST HURRAH FOR THESE YANKEES'' the lame duck concept is like a plague in the Posts office apparently, as Sherman says;

''Thus, Torre, 66, faces a lame-duck season sure to be filled with A-Rod mushroom clouds with his dependable old gang going, going ...''

On to the Boston Globe, which, by the by, gets it's news online much later than the Herald, and most other online sporting sites. Wake up Boston Globe! While others snooze, you lose!

Eric Wilbur is tired of hearing about Matsuzaka.

''With all due respect to our Japanese fans overseas, does anyone really care whether Matsuzaka puts his pants on left leg or right leg first?''

Well, the Globe appears to think they do, with roughly 4,567 stories the last week on pretty much exactly that topic.

If you, unlike Eric, have not had your fill of Matsuzaka, well, Gordon Edes can help you with that. Take two of ''A stable force in Matsuzaka deal'' and go see him in the morning.

The Globe's Red Sox notebook has more on the possibility of Hansen closing.

The Globe then dips into the somewhat surreal with a story on Cousins and filmmakers Eric and Joel Leskowitz who are making a documentary, "The Joy of Sox: Weird Science and the Power of Attention," which explores how team chemistry and fan energy influence the game

The chap who writes 'The Joy of Sox' blog will be in touch guys, well actually his legal team will be dropping a line.

From that story;

''Another woman mentioned that she and her friend had a special good luck chant: "Johnny Damon, he's my hero!" When he got a hit, she said, "We think we did it." (This was before Damon turned into a Yankee.)''

Fine. Interesting. I'll be back in a while. I am going to go try and 'imagine' a few thousand euros into my bank account. It's been fun.