It's a Red Sox v Yankee weekend
Let's get it on

Big weekend ahead. The two power-houses of the AL East go head to head for the first time this year. That's New York and Boston, by the by. As I said before, if any upstart Blue Jay fan gets all 'up in your face' about the Blue Jays chances, just giggle and mutter 'Tomo Ohka' and that should end any discussion on the matter.

If this was a heavyweight boxing match then this weekends showdown between the Sox and Yanks would be the first few seconds of the first round. The two opponents would be jabbing at each other trying to figure out the others game plan. The 'card' for the weekend?

Friday night 7:05 US time 12:05 am Irish time
NYY: Pettitte (1-0, 1.50 ERA)
BOS: Schilling (2-1, 2.84 ERA)

Saturday 3:35pm US time 8:35 in the evening Irish time
NYY: Karstens (0-0, 0.00 ERA)
BOS: Beckett (3-0, 1.50 ERA)

Sunday 8:05 US time - 1:05 am Irish time (ouch!)
NYY: Wright (1-0, 5.40 ERA)
BOS: Matsuzaka (1-2, 2.70 ERA)

Again, it is early days yet, but it will be very interesting to see how the games pan-out. You have to think the Red Sox have the advantage with the way the pitching will work out for the weekend. Pettite and Schilling are a wash but Beckett and Matsuzaka are streets ahead of their respective rivals. Karstens is coming off injury whilst Wright is a rookie with a 5.40 era going into hostile Fenway park to pitch to Big Pappi and Manny. And yet still the major US sports media outlets all have the Yankees as the team to beat in the AL East.

On that note, I would love to know who compiles the odds for Paddy Powers, the biggest Irish bookmakers. Taking a step back for a second, if you are reading this in the States, yes, there are walk in shops, or 'bookies' that you can stroll into in Dublin and place a bet on pretty much any sporting event in the universe. Admittedly, we can't buy guns in Ireland, however, we can place a considered wager as an adult in a regulated, controlled environment, for entertainment. I believe it's the other way round in the States?

I digress. So, who on earth is working in Paddy Power and placing the Red Sox at, wait for it, NINE to one to win the World Series? This would not be as glaring a transgression if it were not for where they have some of the other teams. Take Anaheim for example. Are Paddy Powers actually watching any of the games? Anaheim are experiencing an offensive drought that would make the Kansas Royals of last season shudder. They have scored five runs in their last three games!! Five runs in three games! Yet, the rocket scientist who compiles Paddy Powers odds actually moved them in from 12-1 to 9-1. Amazing.

Meanwhile, the Yankees are still favourites, even though their rotation is an absolute shambles. Admittedly they are still scoring runs, however it is pitching, pitching and more pitching that gets you through the playoffs, everyone knows that.

This could all change on the weekend naturally. Maybe the Yanks will take 2 out of 3 to justify their tag as early favourites. Maybe Boston will take 2 or 3 and that guy in Paddy Powers will wake up to the sound of alarms blaring as punters lump in heavily on the ridiculous value that is 9-1.

The latter part of this piece was all relevant only because you can place a wager in a bookmaker and sit back and enjoy the game as an adult. We can do that here in Ireland, did I mention that?

Someone needs to explain to me why you can buy an automatic weapon over the counter in the States but you can't place a bet on a professional sporting event. I am sitting here shaking my head and I need clarification.


baseball judge said…
Wow your some baseball judge tipping 9/1 when 10/1 is freely available......
Yes Boston have pitching but with no run support pitching wins nothing.
Anonymous said…
There is 10/1 available?
sounds like sour grapes or they continually take your cash...
Cormac said…
No run support? Are you planning on watching any baseball this summer at all?

I'll take a 68-38 run differential, not to mention being top of the AL East. Manny and Big Pappi generally slow starters, but when they heat up,the Sox are going to be even more dangerous.

Anyway, I don't give a flying rats a$$ what anonymous blog commenters think, I really like this Sox team assembled for this term. They have the best rotation they have had in a long time and a bullpen to match. Scoff at a lineup with Ramirez/Ortiz and Drew if you like, you know you are being retarded!

My main point, and I stand by it, is that it is a little odd to bring the Angels in and leave Boston at 9/1 (or 10/1 in other places? I was talking about Paddy Power) when Boston just swept through LA Like a Hurricane.

Oh, anonymous Yankee fan that tried to post a comment, won't post comments like that without a name! Sorry! As per your comment, read my blog on my night in Yankee stadium regarding Yankee fans and class.

Go get yourself a slice of pizza and a beer and have a nice day!
Good pitching stops good hitting, as Connie Mack used to say. YOU DON'T PITCH, YOU DON'T WIN. (See NY vs. DET, 2006 ALDS)

No run support for the Red Sox? What has the idiot "Baseball Judge" been drinking?

The Yankees are the favorites to win the Series every year, and it's a joke. I like when people say the Red Sox can't win and go out and do it...

I can't give you a reason why you can buy a gun over the counter some places and can't make a legal wager on a baseball game. I guess betting is far more dangerous in America...
papi's fat head said…
funny how you should basically disregard the yankees run scoring in favour of the old favourite 'pitching, pitching, pitching' mantra, remind me what position you played so well?? i would suggest that the reason the angels are a short price is that they are in a much less competitive division and therefore their path to the post season is comparitively easier although clearly im not as shrewd as you. who is big 'pappi' by the way?
Cormac said…
I would suggest you actually read what I wrote instead of writing comments before actually considering what's in front of you.

My point, and I will say it again, was, it is odd that the Angels, who just went through a very poor patch, dropping five in a row at one stage, actually came in to 9-1 from 12-1. Add Howie Kendrick breaking his finger, and Mike Scoscia's thousand yard stare becoming a three-thousand-yard stare and it's pretty amazing that Paddy Powers chose to shorten their odds.

They are 2-8 in their last 10 for God sake. However, yes, clearly you are less shrewd than me.