Teams that are not going to win the World Series
Exhibit B: The Chicago White Sox

Got an email from the Hurricane's third baseman Eric 'Vegas' Valkys this morning, asking what I thought about the White Sox being pushed out to 33/1 to win the World Series. He wrote;

''Just looking at the odds and what do you think about the White Sox at 33-1?? Good value!! Yeah, if they do make the playoffs, they'd most likely have to play the Red Sox in the first round unless they can pull out 1st in the division!! But for value, what do you think??''

Glad you asked. Before the season started the 'Racing Post', the UK and Ireland's premiere gambling newspaper, actually tipped two teams to win the World Series. Taking a little jab step back, I respect the Racing Post greatly when it comes to its Soccer coverage, they often pick interesting teams to win and those teams often do just that. Obviously, their horse racing coverage is second to none (or so my brother tells me anyway).

However, their US sports coverage is terrible, absolutely brutal. Their two picks for the World Series? Philadelphia and the White Sox. The Phillies, being in the NL, would obviously have a reasonable chance of making the playoffs at least, but anyone who knows their history, indeed the regions sporting history, would shy away from placing actual real money on them to win a major sporting event.

The White Sox selection was particularly poor. The White Sox look to me like a team in transition. They rode superior pitching to the World Series in '05 but either traded some of that away or watched the league figure it out (Jon Garland, for example). Their ageing lineup with Thome and Konerko is struggling mightily to hit and they simply don't have the spark they had in '05.

What odds the White Sox actually breaking this team up, or trading, for example, Jermaine Dye, for younger prospects. He is one of the few success stories of Chicago's season to date.

So, Vegas, to answer your question, take your lovely fiance out for a nice steak dinner or something, buy a couple of DVDs ('Stranger than Fiction' and 'Bobby' are two excellent movies available to buy right now) or go play the slots in Bray for a few hours. Whatever you do, don't waste a single euro on the '07 White Sox. They should be 100/1 not 33/1.

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Dave said…
I'm just envious you guys get to bet on everything under the sun. Here it's Vegas or nothing.
Cormac said…
..did I mention we have 100% free health care here too? Pretty much the only draw back to living in Ireland is the time difference. Those west coast trips are a killer!!
Dave said…
Don't rub it in...$20 co-pays for each visit add up.

Out of the many, many things my wife and I loved about our honeymoon in Ireland, my near favorite was the fact I could bet with my TV remote. I wish we had a more adult view of gambling in this country.

I remember trying to stay awake to watch the Sox...couldn't do it.